Probability of anyone purchasing the items that you want to sell on their first visit is almost equal to 0. They could still be browsing or they are not sure that what you offer is exactly what they need. So, what do you do then?

You can’t just let them go. No, it will take some time to build up the trust, so don’t push them to buy anything, you will scare them away. Instead, form a connection with them by capturing their email addresses.

Lead magnets do wonders to your blog, your email list will start building up and even small improvements will start making huge differences slowly.

First things, first, what exactly are lead magnets? Let’s find out!

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What are Lead magnets? (Definition)

lead magnet ideas

A lead magnet is a value you offer to the customer, free of cost, so as to convince them to give you their most important email address.

Getting their email is like a transaction, you are offering them something in return for the email they just gave you. You want to form a relationship with them, so you need to convince them to subscribe to your email list.

For them to subscribe to your email list you need to offer them something substantial, something attractive, and your newsletter isn’t probably that. Your lead magnet should be worth typing the email address for and worrying about spam, if it is attractive enough then you have gotten yourself a new lead.

If your lead magnet is unattractive and lousy, you will not get many sign-ups, but if it is attractive and valuable, you will get tons of sign up every time someone visits your website.

Remember, by using lead magnets, you are not earning money, you are creating relationships. And then gradually you convert these relationships into sales.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the lead magnet ideas and their examples to help you build an email list for your blog fast.

Converting lead magnet ideas with examples

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1) Checklists

lead magnet examples

Checklists are not only easy to use, but they are easy to make as well. One of the great features of an effective lead magnet is that they can be used immediately. Remember, you want someone’s personal information and you need to entice them for that. Your lead magnet will do the enticing job, and an offer that can be used right away is the offer that is the strongest.

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Checklists follow all the above-mentioned requirements. Checklists give the subscribers all the information they needed in a single go.

Example: Illumina is a life sciences company, it is widely known for offering the services of DNA sequencing. So, since they sell DNA sequencers, their checklist contains all the things that you should look for when you buy a sequencer.

2) Cheat Sheets

But hold on, what exactly is the difference between a cheat sheet and a checklist?

Cheat Sheets are similar to checklists on so many levels, but the amount of information cheat sheets offer is way more than a checklist can even think of offering.

The cheat sheet contains some background information on a specific topic so that you can see it all in a glance.

Example: ChartMogul is an analytics company, it provides analytics for SaaS businesses. Their lead magnet is a cheat sheet too, in which they offer information on SaaS metrics.

   3) Ebooks and Guides

ebook lead magnet

This is one of the most common lead magnets you will encounter.

Offering an ebook is an impressive thing, really, but their chances of conversion are very slim. Because although an ebook contains possibly everything there is to know about something but reading those are actually a chore. And if your customer isn’t a reader, the chances of them reading that ebook are very slim.

However, people who do actually have the habit to read books, they are more likely to convert. So if you are in a niche where you are targeting avid readers and students, ebooks and guides are the best bet for you.

Although, keep in mind that the ebook remains engaging throughout because chances are they will be longer and keeping longer content engaging is difficult.

Example: Introverted Alpha is a dating site for introverted men, it helps them to date more without feeling disingenuous. The first thing you see when you land on their site is, of course, that ebook.

   4) Free Courses

email list ideas

This entices visitors like no other lead magnet.

You don’t need to have any technical qualification to know to create a free email course. You don’t even need to know to design anything. All you need to do is, in your marketing automation platform, set up a welcome series and create a free email course. And then keep sending those emails.

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Example: UltyResults is a company that offers strength and conditioning to Frisbee players and their free courses offer sport-specific workouts.

    5) Free Videos

Videos make effective lead magnets; their perceived value is high and they are very consumable.

Generally, people don’t use them, simply because they are hard to create. But videos as lead magnets make more sense, after all, people will prefer to watch a 10-minute video over a 30-page ebook.

And contrary to the popular belief, making videos can be easy too.

Yes, editing is hard, and yes, the production value is hard and if your business is established then you are expected to deliver perfection—simply because your customer expects you to give them quality. But if your business isn’t so large, then you can shoot the video on phone and still serve your purpose. The bottom line is, make your content according to your audience. For smaller businesses, people aren’t expecting mind-blowing production.

If your message is best served via video, then go for your phone and finish shooting. And by the way, that’s what our example did.

Example: Darya Rose of Summer Tomato offers the visitors a video that tells them how to lose weight without dieting and without breaking a sweat.

    6) Reports

If your target market is another business, then Reports are the lead magnet you were looking for all this while.

For B2B audience there is no better alternative than a report. Companies pay thousands of dollars to access these reports, but if you are offering these in exchange for email id, then this is a powerful lead magnet.

So, if you have access to some primary or even secondary data, and you have the resources to analyze it then a free report will do wonders to your job.

Example: Mulesoft is a firm that helps software interact with another one, and offers many reports of lead generation as a lead magnet.

    7) Free Trials

how to grow your email list

You must have noticed almost every SaaS firm offering a free trial.

There is no other way to show the prowess of your product then offer it for a limited time for free. Especially if the cost of your product is high, the customer would want to have a free trial before paying that amount for the product.

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Example: ActiveCampaign is an email marketing, small business CRM, and marketing automation. They offer a free-14-day trial of their products.

    8) Coupons & Discounts

emai list magnets ideas examples

Flat design vector illustration concept with icons of retail commerce and marketing elements such as promotion, coupon, discount and various shopping and money economy sign and symbol. Isolated on stylish color background

There are some industries for whom the above-mentioned methods of lead magnet ideas might not be feasible.

That’s the reason why so many e-commerce sites use the lead magnets that are tailored especially for their niche and business model. These sites make use of coupons and discounts and this technique successfully converts their leads into customers.  And why will it not? People want to save money wherever they can, however,   they can.

Examples: Craftshack is an online beer delivery store and it offers 10% off on the first beer home delivery.

  9)  Templates & Examples

Templates and examples are a perfect lead generator for your site if it leans towards a more artistic and creative side of the spectrum.

Example: Lucidpress sells easy to use and design software and among many lead generator it uses, its collection of ebook templates is the major one.

  10) Consultations

If yours is a service based company, then free consultation is a great lead magnet.

It gives visitors a chance to contact a specialist about their problems and find a solution as soon as possible. Using this lead generator you can also figure out whether you have the prowess to help someone and if visitors are willing to pay to use your services.

Example: Athletico is an organization in Chicago that offers a free injury screen to every new patient of physical therapy.

Here You Have the 10 Most Effective Email Lead Magnet Ideas!

If you are facing problems in increasing the number of subscribers to your email list, then the only option you have is to use a powerful lead generator. Lead generators offer quick solutions to the customers, quickly, and this method of upfront value delivery converts leads into customers quickly.

We encourage you to subscribe to our email list (form is on the sidebar) to take a taste on how a good lead magnet should be look like!

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