Are you looking for the best Yoast SEO Alternatives? Below you’ll find a list with the 14 best Yoast SEO Alternatives for WordPress!

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WordPress is the greatest form of SEO compatible content management platform which has the power to support numerous websites. SEO plug-in for WordPress is very much significant in assisting millions of webmasters to enhance the efficiency of their websites and help them achieve a good rank in the search engines.

All the free SEO plug-ins available does not promise to yield good results, it does not matter whether they are free of cost or whether they are available for a premium. Most of you would really find it confusing to select an appropriate free SEO plug-in for your website if you are a fresher in the Word Press.

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1) Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO Icon

Yoast SEO has a record of 5 million installations until now, making it the most popular SEO plug-in for WordPress among many others.

  • You can easily develop an XML map for a website.
  • You can validate a website in the webmaster’s tools, such as Google and Bindu.
  • Try not to include contents that can’t be recorded in the search engine outcomes, such as the categories, media pages, and tags.
  • Develop titles and frame the description framework.
  • You can make your AMP page efficient.

Yoast SEO develops a meta SEO box for all the posts as well as the tags of the website. All the features such as the tags, descriptions, open graph tags and meta robot tags. You can very easily determine the effectiveness of your page for the concerned keyword using this particular plug-in.

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14 Yoast SEO Alternatives

2) All in one SEO pack 

Yoast SEO Alternatives

The functions of the “All in one SEO pack” is very much similar to the Yoast SEO. The only difference lies in the fact that the latter is slightly more customizable and also has some additional provisions.

  • You can modify a robots.txt file through a user-friendly platform.
  • You can modify a .htaccess file also by not using FTP*.
  • Ensure to block the bad bots along with the referenced spam if any.
  • Implement the line of your website in the search box markup.
  • Automate the system of adding meta descriptions.

However the “All in one SEO pack” also has the potential to combine itself with a formal version of AMP plug-in for WordPress.

3) Rank Math 

best Yoast SEO Alternatives

Rank Math is considered to be the strongest WordPress plug-in available in the market to date. It incorporates a complete set of features and also has an easy to use interface. You also don’t have to worry about the installation process of the Rank Math plug-in, since you will be getting an installation guide with it which is another added benefit for its users. Moreover, the very strong plug-n has the best UI among the entire lot.

  • It offers a Google search engine combination.
  • It allows redirections( 301,302, 307,410,451).
  • Rank Math incorporates 14 types of rich snippets markup.
  • It also helps in viewing the cards for Facebook and Twitter.

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The Rank Math plug-in creates a 404 error display for the users who enter 404 dead pages. It keeps us updated about the number of times a particular URL has been entered.

You can also eliminate such errors by clicking again on the dead page or by deleting the internal link to 404. You can even get to know the place where the link was entered due to the referral feature which the Rank Math provides.

If you ever wish to move to Rank Math from the above-mentioned plug-ins you can transfer the settings also from Yoast or All in One SEO Pack to the Rank Math.

4) The SEO Framework 

SEO Framework Icon

It is another kind of WordPress plug-in which is an alternative to Yoast and All in one SEO with no difference in terms of its functioning. The only difference is that the SEO Framework is much lighter than the other two in terms of its weight.

5) Easy Table of Contents or LuckyWP

15 Yoast SEO Alternatives

Lucky WP Icon

Google always suggests splitting lengthy content on your websites into meaningful parts with a linked on-page anchor.

  • Make sure all your lengthy contents of the variant topic page on your website is well-formatted and divided into meaningful parts.
  • Check that the anchor has a describing title.
  • Check for the index on your page which connects it with each particular anchor.

You can easily incorporate such features to enable simple navigation system on your website. It gives a less monotonous outlook to a page on your website, enhancing the time spent on the website and the rate of failure for the website to download. You can easily achieve SERP which in turn will raise your CTR.

6) Broken Line Checker 

Broken Link CHecker Icon

The broken line checker determines internal and external broken links on your website.

It keeps you updated about the HTTP status code, anchor text and the base of a   particular link. This is turn provides you a simple way in which you can manage the issue which you were facing.

The plug-in constantly functions of the backdrop and determine the broken links and will notify you about any error through your email. You can very easily manage two or more broken links in a few clicks, making it one of the best features. It will also provide you with a replacement link for the broken links with just a single click.

7) Shortpixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Icon

It is a kind of plug-in for WordPress which has the potential to shorten the pictures on your website as well as make it more efficient for your website.

The Shortpixel plug-in is very simple to use. You are just required to implement it and select the appropriate settings. This, in turn, will make the photos you post on your website in the future more effective automatically.

The plug-in supports lossy, shiny and gain less compression along with Retina 2x photos. JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF are some of the formats which the Shortpixel plug-in support.

Along with all the above interesting features it provides 100 free credits to its users every month.

8) A3 Lazy Load 

a3 Lazy Load

A3 Lazy Load features slow and steady downloading of the images. If you implement the plug-in the images which are beyond the viewpoint of the screen will not download. It will only load if it comes within the visibility of the users on navigating the same. This enhances the speed of the page and if you recapitulate it will work towards the improvement of your ranks.

  • Just install and initialize it if you are believing it to produce some extraordinary results.
  • You can easily escape certain pages from the lazy loading of images by modifying the settings of the plug-in.

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9) HREFLANG Tags Lite 


The Hreflang tags lite plug-in incorporates an HTML feature that particularly deals with the geographical and language-based target of any particular page of your website. You can easily use this plug-in if you host different versions of your web page in different languages and you can keep the search engines as Google updated about the same.

  • You are required to install the plug-in and then make use of the dropdown to insert the transformed URL into a particular web page or a particular post.
  • You can also utilize the plug-in to initialize x default tags. It is the most suitable tag for small scale organizations and it does not work effectively for large scale organizations. It is suitable for those organizations where a small amount of content only needs to be translated.

10) Redirection

Redirection Icon

It is an easy to use plug-in for initializing 301 redirects.

  • Just click the base URL and the URL which is your target.
  • Click on add redirect.
  • Advanced users can most importantly avoid the specifications of the URL, trailing slashes and can also utilize regex alignment system for redirecting.

The Redirection plug-in does not have any premium version and it absolutely free of cost.

11) WP Super Cache 

WP Super Cache Icon

Taking the help of the WP Super Cache plugin you can a steady version of HTML of each of the vibrant content of your website. Such versions are then provided to the visitors of the website in place of the vibrant version.

However, the outcome for both versions is the same but the steady HTML version gets downloaded faster than the vibrant version. The basic catching feature is enough for most of the users, but a technical user requires some amount of advanced settings.

Those who are utilizing the WP Super Cache Plug-in should clear the cache positively before entering a new website enabling the visitors to view the site spontaneously.

12) Autoptimize 

Autoptimize Icon

The Autoptimize plug-in has the potential to minimize, shorten and caches various different languages and styles, like that of the CSS, Javascript and HTML. In short, it increases the speed of a website.

However, it can also be combined with the Shortpixel plug-in to enhance the efficiency of the converted pictures to the WebP format. It is cached and provided by Shortpixel’s global CDN, making the whole process more effective. You can select this feature from the settings as it is optional.

You can also get access to slow loading function which is a built-in feature of the Autoptimize plug-in. You can easily select and make the process of loading Google fonts more simple.

13) Really Simple SSL 

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL plug-in will help you display your SSL certificate free of cost (you require to get a SSL certificate) and is very much preferred by a great number of web hosts. You can also permanently change the path of the HTTP version of your website to the HTTPS version along with the implementation of the SSL certificate.

You can easily resolve the mix content issue faced by the users when both safe and unsafe contents are downloaded on your website through the SSL.

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But for all the above function to process, you need to tick on the box by going to setting of the plug-in.

14) Anti Spam

Yoast SEO Alternatives for WordPress

Even if the spam comments are no-followed they can create a harmful impact on the SEO. So you can implement the Anti Spam plug-in which will either eliminate or decrease the level of spam created by the users to maintain the standard of the search result of your website.

15) Rel Nofollow Checkbox 

No FOllow CHecker

A no-follow checkbox can be inserted to the WordPress UI by making use of the Rel No-follow Checkbox plug-in effectively. You can insert an add rel to the no-follow tag in the code editor using this kind of a plug-in.

Now you don’t have to get confused with a sea of WordPress SEO plug-ins available in the market. Read the above post and make your choice wisely.

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Yoast SEO Alternatives & Best SEO WordPress Plugins FAQ

What is the best Yoast SEO alternative for WordPress?

RankMath. Recently, this plugin offered some of its premium functions on its free package and it includes some more options that Yoast SEO.

Is Yoast SEO free to use?

Yoast SEO has two plans. One is totally free and it covers all the basic on-page SEO features you’ll need. The other one is the premium plan and it offers some more advanced options.

Can I use Yoast SEO without WordPress?

Unfortunately not. Yoast SEO is an exclusive plugin to WordPress.

Is Rank Math better than Yoast SEO?

Rank Math offers some different options thatn Yoast SEO. The only option is to use both and find out which one you like more. Yoast SEO is more popular but Rank Math tries to compete by offering for free some premium features.

Is all in one SEO better than Yoast SEO?

They both do the same job successfully, however Yoast SEO is more simple to use and more beginner friendly.

Is Rank Math free to use?

Yes it’s free to use but it offers a premium plan as well with more advanced options

Is Yoast SEO or Rank Math necessary to use?

No. They both point you some basic on-page SEO elements your post should have. After you gain some experience, you will implement them by your own. However, they’re excellent for new WordPress users and beginner bloggers to learn how to do on-page SEO.

What is the best SEO plugin for WordpPress?

1. Yoast SEO
2. Rank Math
3.All-in-one SEO

What is an SEO plugin?

It’s a tool for WordPress that guides you to do on-page SEO and hopefully rank higher in search engines.

What is Yoast SEO plugin?

Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress that help you make better SEO changes for your website

What is Rank Math plugin?

it’s an SEO plugin similar to Yoast SEO that it helps you rank higher in Google.

Is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

Yes, that’s why it’s by far the most popular CMS for bloggers, companies and website owners!

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