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Blog Promotion Strategies

Do you spend countless hours to create awesome blog posts only to find that your only readers are the google robots?

Don’t get discouraged! This is happening to the vast majority of bloggers, so you’re not alone!

And who are the most suitable people to help us in this cause other than bloggers who have succeed already online?

In order to help you on how to market your blog and probably the dream to make a decent income through your blog, I got in touch with 29 successful bloggers who make more than a living online.

I asked them to provide their best blogging tips and tricks, so you can learn from the best:

  • How to promote a blog to increase traffic
  • The best blog promotion tips – techniques – strategies – blogging tips and tricks

No matter how short or long are the answers of our featured Experts, keep in mind that these are actionable, powerful tips that actually work.

Besides, these blog promotion tips (you’re going to read below) helped them to fulfill their goals and be the proud owners of a successful blog.

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Blogging Tips and Tricks How to Promote a Blog for free

Blog Promotion Tips

The best blog traffic tips to increase blog traffic from 29 Expert Bloggers. Learn how to get blog traffic with the best blogging tips & how to get traffic to your blog.

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Let’s meet our guests:

1) Elna


One of the best ways to promote a new blog is to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media marketing platform with millions of users using this platform to share content, read content and learn more about something.

Most niches do well on Pinterest – writing, teaching, blogging, finance, business, social media, crafting, parenting, pregnancy, etc… – and it’s easy to start.

You can easily set up a business profile for free.

Some tips on creating your Pinterest profile:

  • Use keywords in your title and bio description
  • Use keywords as the names of your boards
  • Also, use keywords in your Pinterest pin descriptions
  • Use a photo of yourself instead of your logo
  • Add a link to an email incentive in your bio description

Here is what my Pinterest profile looks like:

To get started with Pinterest, make sure you have about 20 personal boards and populate those boards with popular pins.

These pins are usually in the first row of a Pinterest search:

Once you populate your boards with popular pins, you can start sharing your pins to those boards.

Your pin image should:

  • Have a 2:3 ratio (ex: 600x900px)
  • Be bright
  • Be easy to read – sans serif fonts and limited script fonts
  • Warm – red tones
  • Have a benefit-driven title – your titles should show the results and create curiosity
  • Use stock photos

Here is a pin of mine from one of my parenting blogs that has a black-in-white photo:

While it isn’t bright, I have everything else in place such as a big font for my title, a benefit-driven title, keywords in my description and this pin pop in the smart feed.

To ramp up your Pinterest marketing strategy, consider using an automation tool like Tailwind.

By doing this, your pins are shared every day getting more views to your pins and more pin engagement.

When Pinterest notices that your pins are getting engagement, it will serve your pin to a wider audience – giving you more click-throughs over time.

So, try using Pinterest to get some free traffic to promote your blog!

2) William


Find out where your ideal customers are hanging out. It doesn’t matter if you get 1,000 shares from people that have no chance of becoming a customer of yours – instead focus on making sure the people that matter to your business are aware of your content.

That could be a Facebook group, Reddit, LinkedIn – the point is, make sure you know where the RIGHT people are, and use that to your advantage.

Top 35 E-commerce Expert | Top 75 SaaS Influencer | National Speaker | Contributor

3) Kelan &


Our #1 tip for promoting your blog is knowing exactly WHO you are serving with your blog. When you try to serve everyone with you are really serving no one. The best thing you can do for your blog is niche down and know exactly who your avatar is. Once you know exactly who you are serving you will find it much easier to market, promote, and attract them to your blog.



Building relationships with bloggers by commenting on their articles and sharing them and then following up with an email introduction is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

His E-commerce site:



On top of writing blog posts more frequently, and making sure they are high-quality and long (over 2000 words), one of the best ways to promote your website and brand is to write guest posts for other blogs and sites. If you can, include a do-follow link back to your own site and integrate it into the article in a natural way.

One way to do this is by including an author by-line or short bio, but it works better if you seamlessly and naturally include it in the main body of the post. For example, if you have a great post or infographic on your blog about what are the best color schemes to use in advertising, you could link to it using the words “color psychology” in a guest post about digital marketing.

Of course, this also requires you to do some email campaigns or networking, so make sure you share articles with other bloggers and across your social media platforms!



You probably already share your blog posts to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, but there’s a good one you’re probably forgetting: LinkedIn.
If your blog touches on anything that has to do with money, job hunting, small businesses or really anything to do with business, people that frequent LinkedIn will love it. To share your blog post on LinkedIn, go to the homepage, click on the Start a Post box at the top of the page and add the link to your post. Add a few lines about the post and don’t forget some relevant hashtags before clicking the post button.

7) Alice


You will probably hear lots of different ways to promote a blog, but I suspect you won’t have considered commenting.

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You promote to draw attention to your blog. But how about drawing attention to you as the blogger? The answer? Try visiting and reading other blogs and then commenting on their posts.

How is this valuable? It depends upon the quality of your comments. How have you added to their content? Have you answered a question or solved a problem? Has your enthusiasm contributed towards a discussion? What have you said that makes other readers notice you, for your expertise or pertinent point of view?

If you make a good enough impression within another blog’s comments, there is a good chance people will want to find out more about you. They will click on your name, which will go back to your blog. The URL you provided when you submitted your comment will either go back to your most recent post or one that is relevant to the host post’s subject.

However, it’s not a good idea to litter your comment with links back to your blog. That is what spammers do, and your comment may well get caught by the moderation systems. Your commenting style and the added value you provided should be enough to encourage people to visit your blog to find out more.

This is also a long term strategy. You could go for the quick fix solution of posting the URL in social media and waiting for people to click on it. Or you could build up your reputation within the blogosphere (and social media) has someone who always as something worthy to say about other people’s posts, and therefore must have written an excellent post lately that deserves a visit.

If you do good things to others, hopefully, they will reciprocate in return. Setting an example of being helpful, kind and considerate means you will be welcome, even expected, on blogs and on social media. Whatever you say will be acted upon, including hints (not direct links) about what you’ve written recently, and that it’s worth reading.

This long term strategy could also include collecting subscribers into your mailing list, with the promise you’ll notify them whenever you’ve next published. This warm interaction will guarantee a large following will read your latest post, which is much more effective than a random scattering of URLs in social media.

8) Maliha


There is no “best” way to promote a blog. Everyone has their own strong and weak points, and it is always best to pick a method that feels most natural to the blogger.

I only have two advice for new bloggers. First, do not try to be on EVERY platform all at once. Pick one platform of your choice and do all you can to leverage that platform to your benefit. Do not even think about another platform until you have a few thousand followers and a decent amount of traffic from that platform.

Second, do not lose sleep over SEO. Instead, learn how to write good titles, good introductions, and in general, work on polishing the quality of your writing. Provide as much value as possible, and make a genuine effort to help your readers. If people find your content useful, they’ll come back.

9) Obembe S.D (SirPhren)


Promoting a blog starts with having the right knowledge and ideas about what blogging really is. I was about to handle my blogging career through that.

My best strategies in promoting my blog are:

1) SEO: I took my time and still taking it to learn all I could learn about SEO and make sure I apply them on my blog. Amazingly, the results have been amazing.

2) I connect with pros in blogging and in my niche: It’s simple, want to be the best? Learn how the bests are doing it.

3) I maximize every opportunity I have on social media to “blow my own trumpet”. Give people what I call ” Mind share”. The more they see and hear about what am doing and up to, the more likely they seek my expertise and refer to me. These are some, out of many ways blog promotion can be done.

10) Alexis


I believe the best strategy to promote any blog is with email marketing. With email marketing, you can develop a trusting relationship with your audience.

Traffic sources like Pinterest and Facebook can quickly change and take your audience from you, but when your audience is on your email list, you have complete control.

11) Stacey


One of my favorite tools is to use is Triberr. It’s a platform where you can join groups of people with similar interests where you can promote each other’s content.

I’ve not only managed to boost my content through this but also form some great new friendships.

12) Minuca


The way you promote your blog depends on your goals. For immediate results, focus on social media promotion. Build a loyal audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pay for some Facebook ads to get things going.

For long-term results, you should focus on SEO. Do keyword research, write quality content around topics that have a high demand and low or medium competition. Make sure that your on-page SEO is well done, keep a minimum number of plugins so your site loads fast. Although, not easy, these are all tasks that fall under your control.

The more difficult part is off-page SEO, specifically link building. Start by connecting and building relationships with other people from your niche, then try to get featured in roundups and interviews. You can use HARO for this. Then focus on guest posting. All these efforts will bring you traffic and backlinks to your site.

13) Ryan


Targeting long-tail keywords with low competition.

I got in touch with Ryan & asked him to contribute to this post, when I saw online an income report of his blog. I was amazed at how he managed to generate a really good income (through ads) only by focusing on this strategy!

14) Raelyn


While it is tempting to look for traffic sources that bring instant results, I would recommend for bloggers to focus on Google and Pinterest. These are 2 traffic engines that result in sustainable traffic that will come back month after month.

Use Buzzsumo, SEMRush and other tools to discover popular topics in your niche, write an amazing post that beats all competitive posts out of the water, and optimize your articles properly for Google and Pinterest. Once you have built some baseline traffic, use avenues like paid advertisements to promote your business.

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15) Amanda


Be yourself! Having an authentic voice makes it so much easier to build a loyal following over writing robotic sounding lists that have no personality.

16) Alex Wrigley –


Pinterest and Keyword Research – Pinterest is great for the short term and early stages of a site because all you need to do is strike lucky enough to be accepted into a few related group boards and then stay consistent with your Pinning. Meanwhile, keyword research and good SEO will set you up nicely for the longer term.

17) Fran Callado –


I find that most blogs can be successfully promoted through two major sources, search and Pinterest. Ideally, both can be leveraged, but most of the times the article that works on Google (through SEO) will not work on Pinterest due to differences in user behavior.

However, I find that a balance between both can be found. Whenever you want to write something that is very competitive in the search results, you can optimize it for Pinterest. Considering that most of the users who will see your pin are just scrolling through their feed not looking for a specific answer, which means that the subject line must be slightly more “click-baity”. (Make sure to always deliver what you promise).

18) Maxwell Ivey –


By not trying to market a blog. Blogs are like diets you can find a way to lose weight, but will it last? You can make a post number one on google, but can you sustain that effort?

The best way is to create a community of fellow travelers online. You do this by making friends with other bloggers, both beginners and top bloggers. You do that by reading their posts, leaving memorable comments, and sharing their content. Bloggers crave appreciation and traffic. So, if you want to get their attention; this is how you get it.

Over time they will help you in return. You can eventually reach out directly through an email or a direct message on their social media platform of choice. I find I hardly ever have to ask. So many times helping others out of a genuine interest in their well fair lead to my being featured in a round-up post, being asked to contribute a guest post, being invited to appear on a podcast, etc.

And once you are friends these people are going to naturally want to tell their friends about you and your blog. It’s a process, so enjoy it. This is how I have built myself into an international brand as The Blind Blogger.

19) Lorraine Reguly –


The best way to promote a blog post is to use multiple platforms so you can reach a wider audience. Couple this with unique ways of presenting the blog post content, and you can’t go wrong!

Let me explain each of these in more detail.

Use multiple platforms – this means Tweeting out the title and link to your post, sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, sending your email list an email about your newly-published post, and pinning images from the post on Pinterest. If you tag other people and ask them to share your blog post, they are more likely to do so. By doing all of these things on all of these platforms, you will certainly reach a wider audience.

Use unique ways – if you present the content of the blog post in a unique way, you will capture the interest of the reader. Some unique ways of presenting the blog post content include using personal stories that the reader can relate to, using catchy headlines, invoking curiosity, using images that stand out, and asking your reader a question about a problem. Being original will also make your post stand out!

If you are not very creative, you can hire a freelance writer such as myself to help you!

20) Jaykishan Panchal –


Before you actually start promoting your blog, make sure it is worth promoting. Your need to publish posts regularly shouldn’t come in the way of creating great, unique, well-researched, engaging and timely content.

You should also ensure your content is optimized for popular keywords your target audience is going to use to search for your posts (thus helping them land on your blog). This is the first step in blog promotion. You should also make sure that your blog is found easily, so use social media to promote your blog posts, use content aggregators sites to publish your posts, which link back to your blog and also build relationships with influencers.

The last is a slow-moving but sure shot way of getting more visibility for your blog. Think about it for a second. You take time out to build a relationship with a niche influencer, who then chooses to mention your blog or a post on the blog in his LinkedIn/FB/Twitter post. Imagine the visibility!

Lastly, pick promotion tactics that you can stick with over the long term, and refine these as you go along, to maximize their potential.

21) Bill Acholla –


The best strategy is to use infographic. Its a great way for generating social signals, backlinks, and targeted visitors. Actually, I’ve used Infographic to land placements on authority sites.

Let me show you, in a nutshell, the step by step:

1st Step: Publish a good infographic on your site.

2nd Step: Find link targets that write about your infographic’s topic.

3rd Step: Show them your infographic.

4th Step: Bribe your link targets with free content.

5th Step: Finally, if your infographic is awesome, you’ll get contextual backlinks.

That’s it.

22) Enstine Muki –


The success of any blog depends on how much promotion it gets from its owner. But many bloggers fail here because they are either neglecting promotion or promoting poorly.

I believe the best way to promote your blog is to create content that promotes itself. What I mean is to create content that targets and attracts a specific group of readers. If your content isn’t engaging enough, any attempt to get the word out would only hit resistance. People don’t have time to waste visiting and reading mediocrity.

In other words, creating high quality, top-notch content is the foundation for any promotion strategy. If your content resonates with your readers, they will seek to share on social media, link to your blog from with theirs, mention you in offline events, signup to your list, invite you for an interview, invite you to speak in events, etc.

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I really don’t care what people tell you to do to get eyeballs on your content:

  • Share on social media
  • Be active on Pinterest
  • Do SEO
  • Guest post on other relevant blogs
  • Drop comments here and there
  • Be active in niche forums
  • Build a list
  • Etc All of these would lead to very little or no result if you publish crap

23) Michael Babcock –


Share with a podcast host or Youtube host that has a large following who may want to look into this, if you want pay this person to advertise the post on their sites.

24) Sue-Ann Bubacz  –


First, promoting your blog is essential as it is the premier way to distribute your work, information, or services and get noticed. No matter how fantabulous you are, without getting it out there, no one else will know or care.

So, you simply have no choice but to learn to love and embrace promotion and distribution channels. One of my favorite ways to expand content reach is to apply “Boomerang Content” techniques to re-purpose quality content in different ways to find new audiences and increase your visibility.

But, the very best promotion tactic of all is to connect and relate with people so you grow credibility and authority through them. Then, you get the most beautiful promotions of all—other people promote for you! Great, right?

25) Janice Wald –


The best strategy to promote a blog is to answer questions on Quora, the question and answer site, and leave your relevant link in the answer.

By leaving your links at Quora, you boost your brand since people learn you’re an expert in your niche, you boost your SEO since Quora has a Domain Authority Rank of 93, and you often get immediate traffic.

More information about how to promote your blog using Quora and why you should can be found here

26) James McAllister –


If you’re working in a niche with a lot of other bloggers, perhaps the quickest way to skyrocket your own growth is to create and pursue networking opportunities. Connecting with the right people will allow you to leverage all of the work they’ve done building their own audience, and quickly get in front all of those people as well.

Networking won’t just benefit from you in the form of relevant backlinks, social shoutouts, and guest posting opportunities. It will also present benefits in ways that you can’t even conceive right now – perhaps months or years into the future when your business looks completely different than it does right now. In the meantime, you grow as a blogger and as an entrepreneur simply from working with other successful people.

This doesn’t mean that you should ever connect with someone for the purpose of getting something from them. After all, networking is built on a fair exchange of value. However, building connections and friendships with other like-minded people will give you a power base to tap into whenever you end up needing it – something that will be very powerful for you in the future.

27) Dawn-Marie Nesbitt –


The best way to promote a blog post that has worked extremely well for me is with Pinterest, believe it or not. It is the number one source where my traffic comes from in bucket loads and all for free.
To promote a blog with Pinterest I would recommend creating a Pinterest business account. The key to getting tons of traffic is to join group boards that have a high number of followers and pin pins to those boards consistently. Eventually, followers of that board will promote your pins and so you will get visibility from Pinterest users.

28) Ryan Biddulph –


Promote other bloggers freely on social media and through your blog. Be generous. Market top bloggers to bond with these pros who market you.

29) Priit Kallas –


Improve your existing content.

Your goal is not to create content but to get results. You get results with quality content. Your content is not news. Every piece of content you create should work for years building links and authority for your domain.

Rewrite for content quality. Take a look at your content and improve it. As your content matures you may want to update outdated statistics and replace links to externals sources that have become obsolete. Add new facts and simplify your writing for clarity. Work with the first few paragraphs to improve dwell time and reduce bounce rate.

Titles: Rewrite the page titles to convey the freshness of the content. If you originally wrote about the best SEO tips in 2017, change that to. Experiment with titles on old posts to improve click-through rates in SERPs.

Subtitles: Rewrite your sub-headings in a way that they grab the reader and make them want to dig into the next paragraph.

LSI keywords: Sprinkle related search keywords into your articles to broaden the keyword base it ranks for.

Redirect 404: Analyze your 404 errors and use 301 redirects to point the visitors (and Google-bot) to the most relevant existing post. Avoid redirecting to unrelated content or homepage.

Combine content: If you have old thin content, combine it into one large article. Use the URL of the highest authority for the combined material and redirect all the other URLs to the dominant one.

30) Syed Ali Hasan –

Email Marketing is one of the best tools for blog promotion. With the help of email marketing, you can provide your subscribers (within your niche) new engaging stories, and even ask for feedback. Create a short and simple email with an awesome subject line to attract open rates.

Whenever you write a new blog, send it to your email list to let them know you are constantly bringing out new information.

Are you ready to put these blogging tips and tricks into action?

I strongly suggest that you bookmark or Pin this post for future reference. Because these are not some random blogging tips and tricks, but strategies that are proven to work.

Don’t forget that all of the experts you can see above are actually generating a living from these blog promotion ways!

However, all this knowledge won’t worth anything if you don’t apply it!

I advise you to pick one blog promotion tip that you aren’t using already and apply it as soon as possible. Then, come back to tell us how it worked out for you!

Further, all of us here would love to hear from you how you promote your blog (in the comments below) or if any of the above-mentioned tips have brought actual results.


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