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The first Facebook Group in the list is our Blog’s Group, an online community for Bloggers where you can ask questions, receive support, connect with other bloggers & join our daily promotional threads! Don’t miss it!

There are countless boards & groups, why are these important?

Because these are the best groups/boards with active members, good moderators & no spamming. That’s exactly what you should be looking for!

I use all of the mentioned FB Groups and many of the Pinterest Group Boards (because I don’t pin to all niches). I have tried even more groups/boards, but they are waste of time so I didn’t include them to my list.

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How to join & use Facebook Groups

After clicking to join a FB group, a few short questions will show up. Read the rules, answer them and the admins will probably accept you after a while.

All of these groups have daily promotional threads (about comments, followers, pageviews etc.), Read the thread carefully, sometimes you have to give a few likes/shares back but usually you receive more than you give. The more you’re helping others, the more help you are going to recieve!

How to join & use Pinterest Group Boards

The majority of the boards provide you with instructions on how to join (in their description). Usually, you have to follow the owner or send an email to the given address. If there are no instructions, you can try to

  • Send a message to the board owner on Pinterest. Describe why you are a good fit for the board & promise to follow the rules.
  • Like/Comment some of their pins or blog posts & leave a comment kindly asking to invite you to their board.
  • Check if there is a “Request to Join” button (next to board description)


Don’t forget to read & follow the rules of each board (how often you can pin, what niches or if you have to repin from that board).

If you use any similar FB Groups or Pinterest Group board that are worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments below so I can include it to my list!

Wish you the best luck!

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