How to Find Freelance  Writing Jobs Online

Did you recently decided (or you’re thinking) to enter the freelance writing market?

Did you try all the basic stuff you’ve read out there but with no success?

Don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal. The weird thing would be to receive tons of email daily asking for your services.

Freelance writing can be a very lucrative career once you’ve established yourself as a writer. It has the potential to transform your life, providing you with financial freedom.

This way, if you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, I strongly recommend you to follow it. It’s not going to be a piece of cake, but not too hard eitherl.

Many writers make a living online and in some cases even more compared to a regular job.

But what happens when you just get started? It can be a real struggle to land even a few freelance writing jobs that worth your time.

Find Freelance writing jobs for Beginners – Article Writing Jobs


Find freelance Writing Jobs from home

If you’re interested in my background and my success story, you can read the post “How I Made $3000 Freelance Writing Online (as a Total Beginner)”.

The goal of this post is to help you overcome the obstacles you might face when you start as a freelance writer. In other words, how can you find freelance writing jobs from home that are worth your time?

And who would be the most suitable people to help you with that problem other than expert freelance writers?

I got in touch with 6 expert professional writers to share their best tips with us! No matter how successful they are now, they have been in your position, struggling to find remote freelance writing jobs!

However, they worked hard and smart to establish their names as professional online writers.

Let’s see what they have to teach us!

Debbie from and




Make sure you have a good, varied portfolio with plenty of strong writing samples. Once you have these, don’t sit back and wait for work to come to you; chances are it won’t until you make a name for yourself as a writer.

Be proactive – if you want to work for a certain brand or company and you know you can help them, reach out to them and let them know what you can offer them.

Arika Agnew from




My tip for beginners starting out in the freelance writing field is to sign up for as many freelance writing websites as you can. These websites are a way to get your name out there as a beginner and start building your portfolio.

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Some sites such as content mills may pay you little at first, but they are a way to start connecting with clients and showcasing your skills as a new freelance writer.

After landing a few paid opportunities from these sites as a beginner, you can move on to bigger and better-paying work!

Also, check job boards daily. These writing websites list job opportunities for freelance writers and are updated daily. These sites can be a great source of freelance writing work.

Bryan Chan from




Here are a few tips bundled in the name of cold pitching. Once you’ve found a blog or digital publication that accepts submission from other writers:

  1. Download “MailTracker” to see if someone has opened your email
  2. Always email directly to the founder, owner, editor of the blog or publication you wish to write for.
  3. Use LinkedIn to find who they are if the information is not available on the website 4. Use free web services like “Voila Norbert” or “Hunter” to find their email once you get their name
  4. Personalize your headline & message to the person concerned. Keep it short, friendly, clear to the point without sounding like a template.
  5. Test different pitches and refine the better ones. You can tell by their open or reply rate!

Leslie Cohen from



One of the most important ways for beginners to make themselves more attractive to find jobs is learning impressive skills employers are looking for. Having up to date skills by taking online classes at Skillcrush, Udemy, Khan Academy, and will make you more marketable to employers.

Make sure to build a website that shows off your skills with relative samples. Leverage your network on social media.

Build a page about your services on LinkedIn and Facebook and start networking with your peers and potential clients.

You can list your services on job boards to attract new clients and gain visibility.

Rebekah Gillian from




My biggest piece of advice to new freelancers would be to build a portfolio of example works, whether that be from previous work you’ve done or example mockups you’ve created specifically for your portfolio.

This will help you gain an advantage over other new freelancers, who may have no previous samples, and will provide potential clients with an example of what to expect straight away.

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Once you have a portfolio, using job boards to secure your first few clients can be incredibly helpful, especially if you don’t otherwise know where to start.

Once you’ve secured these, contacting clients directly and word of mouth will become extremely important parts of your freelancing marketing strategy.

Krissy Cross from




The easiest way for beginners to find freelance writing jobs, in my opinion, is to use job boards. I’ve had the most luck with and

Chris K. (me – owner of this blog)




I won’t repeat my colleagues’ excellent tips. Instead, I want to talk about a specific strategy that has worked for many new writers, including me in  order to find freelance writing jobs as beginners:

1) Start a writer’s website

If your budget is limited, it’s totally ok to use a free-hosting website or a free service like so you can maintain your portfolio. This is crucial because you need to showcase samples to your prospect clients.

2) Choose a few niches to start with

Being a generalist is not going to help you. All clients seek freelancers that have knowledge or interest in specific niches.

If you’re not sure how to decide what niches are the right for you, check this post: “How to Find Your Blog Niche (80 Profitable Niche Ideas)”. It’s for blog niches but it applies perfectly on writing niches as well!

3) Start a guest posting campaign on blogs/sites relevant to your niches

This way you’re going to be far ahead from your competitors (other writers). It makes a huge difference to show to your clients that you have actually got published in comparison with some samples written in MS Word.

The simplest way to find sites to submit your guest posts is to type in Google: your keyword + “write for us”. Here’s a perfect guide to Guest posting by It includes all the keywords you can use to find guest posting opportunities. Also, this is a list with 75+ sites that accepting guest contributors.

There are many websites that accepting guest posts, so you won’t have much trouble to get accepted if you target non-so-popular blogs/sites.

If your niches fell below my blog’s topics, I ‘d love to have your posts published here. You can read the guidelines in this page “Write for Us”.

Keep in mind that your guest posts don’t have to be top quality with 3,000 words (at least not yet). You can work your way there step-by-step. Even some 500-1000-words guest posts are enough for our purpose and they shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to write. You just have to show you’re good enough to get published.

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Since you haven’t established your name yet, you shouldn’t bother to write a few posts for free. It’s a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills, gain experience and establish an online presence. Additionally, you earn a backlink, exposure, and traffic back to your blog/writer’s site.

4) Once you have at least 3 guest posts published, you can try all the places mentioned above from our featured writers:

  • Freelance writing markets
  • Content mills – I don’t like them since they pay too low, but it’s ok to use them as a last chance to start your career, network yourself and gain experience working with clients.
  • Cold pitching (My personal favorite).

Further, don’t hesitate to cold pitch (send direct emails) to all the sites you’d love to write for. However, keep in mind that the more popular a site is, the harder it would be for you to get accepted.

In your email, make sure you include:

  • How you learn about them
  • What you have to offer
  • How they are going to benefit from working with you

I know that many new writers are getting too anxious about cold pitching, so I’m happy to share with you the exact template I use to land freelance writing jobs! Provide your email below so we can deliver it in your inbox!

Remember that cold pitching is a “game of numbers”, so don’t feel discouraged if you get negative responses or no responses at all. Many writers send hundreds of emails until they land a good job. Just keep working on your pitch and your samples!

As you progress as a writer, you’ll drastically increase your rates.

Here’s another strategy that earned me $160 for a single post (check the last part of the post).

Here You Have It!

All the tips and strategies from experts you need to get started as a freelance writer! Feel free to dig their sites & profiles to get an idea of how a professional writer should look like!

Which one was your favorite tip? Are you going to apply it soon? Let us know in the comment section below how you find remote freelance writing jobs online! I’d be happy to learn about your progress!

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