We all are aware of two SEO terms: On-Page and Off-Page that are well-known for optimization of quality content and backlinks. Even most of the SEO experts say that these two types of SEO are liable to make a great website and get it on the tops of SERPs. While it is a fact, there is much more to consider than On-Page and Off-Page and which is technical SEO (that’s why we created Advanced Technical SEO Checklist).

Now the question comes “Are you aware of what technical SEO is and how it impacts your website?”

Technical SEO is recognized as the backbone of your site. In actual, it ensures that your content gets the best chance to rank the keywords and website on the top of search engine results. Furthermore, technical SEO excluding the link building and content optimization ensures that your website is carrying out all the actions keeping in mind the rules set by the search engines.

Now, let us dive on to some tips on how technical SEO can help you drive huge traffic and higher rankings from the search engines.

Advanced Technical SEO Checklist

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1) Website Loading Speed

Speed is definitely a common concern that will remain in too. Even in the last year’s updates, site speed was included in the list of SEO ranking factors. In this fast-paced era, everyone expects instant results for their queries. So, ensure your site speed isn’t slow and meet the user’s expectations. As if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load then you might have to face a massive bounce rate. Moreover, you’ll not be able to drive the required traffic with such a slow website loading speed & many common blogging mistakes.

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What? What can you do to improve your site’s speed?

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Let us answer you:

i) Optimize the visuals:

Adjust the size of images so it won’t be too heavy for the site to load them. As the large pictures take time to load further affecting the loading performance of the website.

ii) Keep your design simple:

When it comes to designs and templates, always remember “less is more.” As the more elements are on the web page, the more time will be required by the site to load.

2) Site Structure

The main focus of technical SEO is to shape a savvy website architecture. You can’t own a website that all the times fail to follow the rules of search engines, impress the users, and unable to get on the tops of SERPs. Introducing the consistent and user-friendly URL structure describes the web page to both search engine as well as to the users. So, optimize the URL too for SEO to make it work as another SEO factor. Furthermore, keep a regular check on your website and fix all the hosting or server related issues from time to time so they won’t affect the performance of your website on search results.

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3) Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-friendliness is as important as the website loading speed matters. The number of mobile users has also increased from the last few years which makes it more crucial to perform mobile optimization. So, if your site is not optimized then you can make use of Google’s Mobile-Indexing approach to get your site indexed by the search engines. In addition, creating white spaces too can also allow you to offer easy website navigation to the users.

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4) Robots.txt

There is certain kind of text, images, or source files that you might don’t want Google to see and crawl through your site. Robot.txt is such element that ensures such files do not pop up on the website when Google crawls it.

5) Examine The URLs

URLs play an important role in ranking the site on the search results. If your URL is as simple as required by Google then there are more chances of site driving huge traffic and ranking on the 1st page of search results. There’s another reason for keeping the URL simple and that is the crawler sometimes is unable to crawl the intricate URL and doesn’t index your site efficiently. So, optimizing the URL is not only good for your SEO but will also offer people with easier site navigation.

Final Thoughts

Technical SEO, when implemented in the right way, can do wonders for your website. So, remember to count on our guide’s ABC’s and achieve success in your online venture. However, there are plenty of third-party service providers that can offer you quality SEO services handling all your technical SEO optimization tasks. So, make sure you employ a reputable company to leverage the benefits of technical SEO. Good Luck!


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