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Then, you landed on the right page!

All my readers are 100% real users acquired organically by search engines & Social Media. No paid traffic, no ads or bots. (50% from USA & Canada, 10% from UK & 40% from the rest of the world)

On I publish high-quality articles to help the above-mentioned target audience.

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Please note that our readership & following is increasing rapidly, so the prices you see here will soon get updated accordingly.

You still have some time to catch these deals though!

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Facebook Blogging Group is NOT available for direct advertising, however I might share your sponsored posts if it provides real value to the group members.

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Run a Giveaway | Contest | Competition (Free)

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Why Advertising on this Blog?

Because it’s the most efficient and “Value-For-Money” way to bring your product/service/brand in front of your ideal audience!

With direct advertising, you get what you pay for.

For example, when you advertise through an ad network, they charge a commission of 30%-50%. This way, the blogger/publisher gets half the amount you paid & you get half the results you paid for.

Not to mention the rising cost of advertising on Social Media, where half the clicks are done by accident on smartphones, but you still get charged for them!

What Benefits You Are Going to Get

  • Highly targeted leads/customers
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