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Welcome to our engagement page for Blog, Products or Social Media accounts promotion! This thread is made to help you boost anything you need help with such as comments, followers, views, product promotion etc!

How to Increase Blog Post Views, Social Media Followers or Comments?

How to Join Fast & Easy – Please Read the Rules:

  1. Log in in the comments below using your Facebook or Twitter account (in the top right corner of the comment box). Then, REFRESH the page & a “Subscriber” account will be automatically created for you. You will only need to do this just once, not every time you participate! (if this doesn’t work for you, you can leave a comment by filling the traditional URL & email fields in the comment section)
  2. Write your link with your Social Media account you’d like to receive likes, follows, comments & shares. 1 link per person
  3. Help at least 3 other bloggers from the comments below. Simply LikeNO NEED TO REPLY TO – their comment to let them know you have helped them. Liking a comment means that you have engage with its link. (If you wish to reply to their comments, don’t use identical words like “Shared” on every comment, because this activates the anti-spam filter)

That’s it!

Don’t forget that the more bloggers you’ll help, the more help you’ll receive!

How to check who has engaged with your link:

  • On desktop/laptop: Hover the mouse over the “Number of Likes” icon under your comment. A pop-up will appear showing who has liked your comment.
  • On mobile/tablet: Click the “Number of likes” icon next to the “Like button” (no the “Like button” itself). A pop-up will appear showing who has liked your comment.

Your comments will be automatically approved, but offenders will have their IP address & blog URL blocked in order to reduce spam.

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What Are the Benefits if I Join the Threads on Your Blog?

The grand majority (more than 50%) of my blog’s traffic comes from USA, UK & Europe. This means that:

  • It’s the highest possible quality of traffic. Here, real bloggers engage & read your content, unlike similar threads that are full of 3rd world country fake traffic bots that can potentially harm your site.
  • This kind of traffic is considered the best possible so it can boost your SEO Rankings, increase your Alexa Rank, CPC & CPM Ads Revenue.
  • Your comments will stay up for 1-2 weeks, instead of 1 day compared to Facebook Threads
  • We have visitors from all Social Media channels on the blog, not only Facebook users!

Every blogger can join as long as she/he respects the rules & her/his blog is not about illegal activities. For maximum engagement, I recommend you to join daily both our Golden Bloggerz’ Facebook Group threads as well as our on-blog threads.

This thread will reset every Monday.

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Disclaimer: These threads do not guarantee to increase your blog’s & your Social Media channel’s visibility & followers. However, many bloggers are seeing better results using them. Also, it’s easy & fast to participate.

How to Promote Your Blog & Social Media Accounts


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Thank you for the Opportunity

Patricia P

I would love to know what your favorite quote is. Tell me in the comments in this post.


I would love more subscribers, shares and comments, will return all.

Sharon Green

I would love more subscribers, comments and shares! Thanks!

Brenda West

I would love more subscribers, comments and shares!❤️

The Feel Good Factor

My blog about wellness, personal development, and self-care, would love comment on this post.


Would love comments on this post! Will return all!


Subscribers and followers for social media!!!

Esme Slabs

Subscribers to EsmeSaslon and B.O.S.S. will be much appreciated and you will find both subscription forms on my blog. For the blog you will find it in the sidebar and for B.O.S.S. go to BLOGSOCIAL on the menu bar. NOTE: we use the double opt-in in Canada so you will have to confirm your subscription via email. I look forward meeting you.

That Girl

This is a blog for daily life adventures, fears, heartbreak, desires, and much more! I would love some subscribers and likes/views!

Kim Berry

I am trying to grow my YouTube subscribers and of course likes and shares would be AWESOME!

Beth Elkassih

If you love to journal, Made You Smile Back would love to offer a 30 Digital Version of ‘The Ultimate Happiness Journal’ in exchange for your critiques/reviews. For more information, please check out:

Hazlo Emma

I would love to review your journal on our website, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble

Hazlo Emma

I’d love your comments and shares on this blog post –

Beth Elkassih

Commented, tweeted and pinned and following on Pinterest


I’d love shares on this blog post!

Hazlo Emma

schedules and queued to share

Emman Damian

Subscribe at my website – The Tennis Foodie (

Hazlo Emma



I started a PInterest GROUP BOARD for self-development and personal growth topics. If this is your niche or you write about these topics please join us and share your best stuff!

Raina Camille
Hazlo Emma


Esmé Slabbert

Subscribers please and thank you

Raina Camille


Hazlo Emma



I would love more subscribers to my lifestyle blog!

Esmé Slabbert

Hi Catherine – I keep receiving error messages when I click on your posts.

Raina Camille


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