What are the Blogging Networks/Blogger Influencer/ Social Media Opportunities networks?

Blogging Networks or Blogger Influencer Networks are sites/apps that connect brands who want to promote their products with bloggers or Social Media influencers.

They don’t pay you for each sale (like affiliate marketing) but they pay you if you create a Social Media or Blog post that talks about their product/services.

As a blogger, you can’t promote any product you like; it should be something related to your niche and readers.

That’s the purpose of these networks. They help you find relevant opportunities to promote directly on your blog or your Social Media channels.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large following yet!

The majority of these blogging networks are searching for bloggers with a small or medium following.

Social Media Opportunities

How much Can I Make from these BloggingNetworks?

The standard rate of the online industry is $10 per 1k followers.

Of course, this rate depends on a lot of factors such as your niche, your experience, the number of followers and the platform.

However, these networks often pay less, but they can be an excellent starting point to expand your portfolio and reach bigger deals eventually.

My point of view is: You can start working with some smaller brands if you find some products that make sense to promote on your channels.

After you have some jobs on your portfolio, you can pitch/search better deals and brands.

When you pitch a more popular brand, you should have a portfolio of previous jobs to show them.

This way, you’d look much more professional and trust-worthy. Most important of all, you can ask for a higher price!

If you’re still don’t have many followers, you can work your way up while making some money on the side and gaining experience about promoting brands!

Blogger Influencer Networks

How to use Blogging Networks?

Below, you’ll find a list with the best blogger influencer/review opportunities networks to join.

After you sign up to some of them and connect your Social Media channels, start browsing for products, and review opportunities.

Some opportunities have some requirements you should meet (like the number of followers or a specific niche).

Usually, the brands provide some basic guidelines they would like you to follow to promote their products.

  1. When you spot a good deal, create the post on your Social Media channels.
  2. Let them know you published the post
  3. Profit – Get paid!

Don’t publish one sponsored post after another though. Nobody is following someone just to see only sponsored posts.

Keep your audience engaged and interested and publish some sponsored posts meanwhile. I suggest a minimum rate of 3 normal posts per 1 sponsored post.

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Read this post “How to Get Featured on Instagram” and follow me on Instagram so I can feature you on my profile!

What if You Don’t Find Relevant Deals to Promote

The truth is, demographics play a huge role in the available offers for each candidate.

Your age, gender, interests, and location matter.

The majority of the offers are available for USA residents.

For example, a young woman from the USA will find many more opportunities compared to an old man from Greece.

Also, the majority of the products are related to lifestyle or to women care products, so if your audience is mostly women you’ll find opportunities more frequently.

This way, if you can’t find enough deals for you, try one of the below-mentioned approaches:

Other Ways to Find Social Media Sponsorships/Blog Review Opportunities

1) Cold approach

The best way to get Social Media sponsorships or blog review opportunities is to send an email to the company you want to promote! You” get more money  & better deals this way than blogging networks.

Kindly explain to them what you’re thinking, how they will benefit from it and your previous jobs with other companies.

Of course, you have to maintain a relevant audience. You can’t have a technology blog and promote make-up products or vice versa.

The targeted audience is what brands are looking for today. That’s why “Influencer Marketing” has currently skyrocketed.

You can also try to communicate with them via Social Media (like Facebook or Instagram messenger) but it’s more likely they respond to an email.

The majority of the companies have an email and other means to reach out to them on their official websites. Some of them even have an email address specifically for this purpose!

Don’t hesitate to send a lot of emails even if you get rejected.  If it’s your target to make serious money working with big brands, keep improving your pitch and make it a habit to send some (10-20) emails per day.

Sooner or later, you’ll land some jobs. The more jobs you accomplish, the easier it will be to find more opportunities.

If you’re looking for specific tips about getting sponsored on Instagram, read this post.

Bloggign Networks to join

2) Warm approach

If you’re not comfortable or you don’t find any success with the cold approach, try a warm approach instead.

Mention/Tag relevant brands on your post

Even if you don’t get paid, you can try to tag brands you’d like to work with on your photos or posts.

This strategy works much better with smaller brands than popular/huge brands.

For example, you can tag an online brand that sells sunglasses if you post a beautiful photo wearing them.

It’s not all about lifestyle though. You can follow this strategy for even niche audiences/topics.

Remember to start small and grow bigger in every step.

Also, keep in mind it’s possible that a brand will be interested in more than one sponsored posts if they’re satisfied with your work.

Follow them on Social Media and interact with their posts

To increase your chances to be noticed by relevant brands, you should follow them on Social Media and engage with their posts, especially when they publish a new one.

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Like, share & comment on their posts or even mention a relevant post of yours that talks about their product.

If they have a blog, read and comment on there as well.

3) Let Them Know You’re Available for Collaborations

Influencer Networks & Blogging Networks

You can do this simply by including a business email for inquiries on your Social Media Bio.

This way:

  • You let them know you’re available for collaborations
  • You appear more professional

Further, you can create a page dedicated for this purpose, including your terms, portfolio, and rates.

On this page, make sure you include your business email or another way they can reach out to you.

How Much Should You Charge for Sponsored Posts?

Well, this depends on your niche, followers, platform, and industry.

The average price is $10 per 1k followers.

So, if you have 2k followers you can charge about $20. As your following grows, you can charge $100 for 10k followers for a task that it should take less than an hour to create.

However, you can start at a lower rate if you want to build your portfolio. As you grow, don’t be afraid to ask for higher rates and reject low-paying jobs.

List of Blogging Networks – Social Media & Review Opportunities

1) Linqia

It’s one of the most popular networks but it requires a minimum of 2,500 followers. The majority of opportunities are available for USA residents.

Linqia influencer Blogging Network

2) AspireIQ

It’s among the most popular and bloggers’ favorite network. As a new user, you’ll only have 5 bids per month to pitch available opportunities.

Once you accomplish your first job and get a review from the brand, you’ll have access to more bids!

3) Izea

Similar to the previous network, you’ll only have 5 bids as a new member. Izea is also among the most popular influencer networks.

4) Activate (Bloglovin)

activate blogging network

Activate is powered by Bloglovin and it offers many opportunities for fashion, food, and lifestyle bloggers/influencers.

5) Clever

Clever is simple-to-use and beginner-friendly, but the majority of its offers are available for USA residents.

6) Muse

Muse offers opportunities for lifestyle, food, and mom bloggers. Also, it lets you set your prices for your blog & your Social Media channels.

7) Influence Central

influence central

This one has many similarities with Muse because it’s for USA food, mom and lifestyle bloggers

8) PayU2Blog

They have fewer requirements to join but there are fewer opportunities available and the pay is low as well.

9) Heartbeat

Their prices are low and they focus mostly on Instagram. I included it on the list because it’s a good network to use to accomplish your first Instagram sponsorship.

10) Massive Sway

They look for mom bloggers with many followers or many monthly pageviews.

massive sway

11) Fohr

This network connects brands to bloggers, opposite to all other networks. This means that you set up your profile and wait for a brand to choose you to promote the products.

The payment is better though.

12) Social Fabric

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It’s another very popular network with a wide variety of opportunities for DIY, Tech, and even Mommy bloggers.

Social Fabric

Here are 53 more networks to join:

The Best Blogger Influencer Networks with Social Media & Blog Opportunities to Join

How should you proceed?

Open these network pages and make a quick scan/scroll on their pages. Then, choose some you liked and sign up for them.

After you fill your account details, you can start searching for offers and create posts for them.

Keep in mind that these networks aren’t made to make you rich, but they are excellent places to earn some money while you’re growing as a blogger/influencer.

Also, they are perfect for building your portfolio until you have enough experience to work with better brands.

Once you have enough sponsored jobs under your sleeve to showcase, start pitching (cold approaching) to bigger brands and connect with them on Social Media.

Remember to always have a business email for inquiries on your Social


How do find Social Media Sponsored Posts Opportunities?

1) Cold approach companies you’d like to sponsor. Let them know your target audience and how you can benefit them
2) Warm approach. Engage with the company on their Social Media & Blogs, then kindly ask for collaboration
3) Let them know you’re available for sponsored posts. You can achieve that by adding an email for inquires on your Social Media Bios
4) Join some of the above-mentioned blogger influencers networks with Social Media sponsored posts opportunities

How much can I earn from Social Media Sponsored posts?

The industry average is $10 per 1,000 followers. However, you can earn more or less depending on your niche and the engagement that your posts have.

How to find items to sponsor on Social Media?

Apply to join on some of the networks I mention on the post above. Set up your profile, pick your niche and browse the lists with available products and offers to promote!

How often should I publish a sponsored post?

I suggest a minimum ratio of 3 normal post and 1 sponsored post. Also, never post 2 sponsored posts in a row as it seems like spam and you may lose engagement eventually.

What is the best Social Media platform to publish/promote sponsored posts?

This depends on your niche. The best platform would be the one where your target audience spends most of their time. However, Instagram is the most popular platform right now and the best one for lifestyle, fashion and food bloggers.

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