This is better than Blog Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated about your blog not getting views & sales?

You tried everything you read online but you still you’re not getting the expected results?

I guess this situation makes you feel like you’re wasting your time and thoughts of giving up are popping up occasionally…

Well, what if I told you this is totally normal and it’s a phase the grand majority of successful bloggers have to pass through?

If you’re thinking to hire a blogging coach to give your blogging journey another meaningful chance, I may have a better solution for you!

A blogger’s journey is full of obstacles as his/her blog grows over time. A blogging coach can only help you in your current state.

(Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything after clicking these links I will make a commission at no extra cost to you)

The next time you’re going to need him again you’ll have to pay him a few hundred dollars.

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Instead, I suggest the following blogging strategy that will help you to become your own blogging coach and eliminate the need for blog coaching!

First of all, blogging coaches charge at least a few hundred dollars for one-hour sessions ($200,$300, or even more).

I find this amount overwhelming for a new blogger that struggles to make money with his/her blog.

The worst part is that it’s unlikely that you’ll need him just once.

Before reading my blogging strategy, I want to suggest you some awesome blogging courses that have helped me and thousands of bloggers to massively grow their pageviews and make a real income from their websites.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a blogging coach, it’s far better to invest a few bucks (under $80) to purchase a blogging course that will help you in the long term and you can go back and forth as many times as you wish!

If you’re confused and not sure how to proceed with your blog or you need a precise step-by-step guide then these blogging course is for you:

Ready Set Blog for Traffic (Blog & Pinterest Course)

How to create viral Pins


I want Traffic & profit!

If you need to skyrocket your clicks from Pinterest, check out this one:

Pinterest Perfection Masterclass ($19 that’s a steal!)

How to go viral on Pinterest



Your Free Blog Coaching

Regardless of how long you’re blogging, you’re doomed to fail if you don’t have a plan to follow.

I assume that the final plan for the majority of bloggers is to make money from their blogs.

To achieve that, you need traffic.

You don’t necessarily need tons of traffic, but you sure need targeted traffic that’s interested in your blog topic. The blogging course I mentioned above teaches you exactly that!

To earn a steady income each month you need steady streams of traffic.

So the big question is:

How do I Get Enough Steady (Free) Blog traffic?

1. Organic Traffic

I know this isn’t a surprise, but many bloggers don’t focus at all on their search engine rankings especially in their first years of blogging.

Organic traffic should be your main source of traffic or at least among the top ones.

The truth is, Google doesn’t rank a blog if it’s newer than 6-12 months.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on SEO even if your blog is brand new.

SEO is a necessary long-term strategy that will benefit you more and more as your blog grows.

It’s important to understand that SEO it’s a step you can’t afford to skip and it’s probably the #1 reason why the majority of bloggers fail to generate a real income.

Blog Coaching


When a reader discovers your blog through a search engine, it means he/she is really interested in your specific page (assuming it’s a quality post).

This means the reader is much more likely to buy your suggested affiliate or your own products, click more pages of your blog, or subscribe to your email list.

This doesn’t happen so often from Social Media traffic, meaning that organic (search engines) traffic is the most high-quality traffic stream!

For example, if a reader searches on Google for the term “Buy pink kitten toys” and your blog shows up on the first page, he/she is likely to buy your suggested products.

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Users don’t search for this kind of queries (buyer intent) on Social Media so often though.

Now, if you’re blogging for some time, you’re probably thinking:

“Yes Chris, we already know that organic traffic is awesome. However, we can’t rank on the first page of Google no matter how good we optimize for SEO.”

And I will reply:

That’s totally normal! SEO competition is getting tougher and tougher and it is really hard for a new blog to rank high especially on the very competitive niches.

The truth is, you can’t rank for every page you wish for.

I suggest you try a different approach. I’m sure you have already heard about long-tail keywords.

Instead of creating a post about “Dog toys” (wide term), try to create one about “blue noisy toys for puppies (long-tail narrow term).

The important question is:

How to Find These Long-tail Keywords?

How to find longtail Keywords blog coaching

I’m not going to lie to you. Using a paid SEO tool will help you very much. The majority of SEO tools cost too much (over $100) but I’m using Keysearch (it costs about $9 if you grab their -30% offer).

I’m not even an affiliate for it; I just recommend it because I found it really helpful!

This amount is not high if you consider that you’re investing in a solid SEO long term strategy.

On their page, they explain everything about using this tool to its maximum so I won’t analyze it here.

I will just let you know that it suggests the best long-tail keywords for relevant searches and ranks each keyword with a difficulty score. It also suggests you what terms you should aim to rank for based on your blog’s domain strength.

Note that no matter what keywords an SEO tool suggests, you’ll probably not rank on the first page is it’s occupied with high domain authority sites.

Alternatively, you can try a free SEO approach using the strategy I mention on this page (Skip to SEO Blogging Tools): The Best Blogging Tools for Beginners

There, you’ll also learn how to check the DA (Domain Authority) of every site that appears on Google 1st page.

Some long-tail keyword may have a low monthly search volume but it’s much easier to rank for them. It’s better than targeting difficult keywords that you will never rank for though!

If you create many posts including long-tail keywords, your organic traffic will eventually grow to allow you to rank higher and for more difficult keywords as time passes.

Do you have money to invest but you don’t have time to do it yourself? Check my Professional Blogging Services (Blog Post Writing)


2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a category on its own. I can’t place it in the Social Media category as it’s actually a visual search engine with a few Social Media elements.

I’m placing it on the #2 under organic traffic because Pinterest is the best source of traffic for many blogs, especially new ones.

Pinterest doesn’t care how old your blog is and can drive a lot of traffic in a short period of time.

Note that not all niches are popular on Pinterest. Some are very popular and some are not popular at all.

The most popular ones are:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Home Décor
  • Crafts & DIY
  • Travel
  • Quotes
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Food/Drink
  • Humour
  • Fashion
  • Makeup, Women Body Care

If your niche is among them, you should focus on your Pinterest strategy as soon as possible!

My blog topic (Blogging & Social Media tips) is not so popular on Pinterest because it’s not represented visually. However Pinterest is my first (some days it’s second) source of traffic!

I recently tried this new Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers and my Pin Clicks increased by 5 times (500%) with manual pining without using Tailwind!

Pinterest Free Coaching

I suggest you read it immediately or read this post for boosting a Pin’s chance to go viral or gather tons of views: How to Go Viral on Pinterest

For a more in-depth and step-by-step strategy, I once again recommend enrolling on this blogging course: Pinterest Perfection Masterclass

Pinterest may seem a bit confusing at first, but it worth investing some time to learn and master it!

3. Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, Social Media traffic is also good and it’s probably the easiest way to attract readers to your blog.

But it requires daily posts and effort to gather followers. It’s not “automated” like search engine traffic.

Also, a reader may check your post if it appears on his/her Social Media feed, but it’s much more unlikely to be genuinely interested in it, subscribing or buying from you.

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However, Social Media platforms are a perfect way to interact with your supporters and keep them engaged with your brand.


Investing time on growing a Facebook page doesn’t worth it anymore since Facebook promotes only paid posts from pages.

However, creating and maintain a Facebook page is fast, free, and easy while it won’t hurt your blog. But don’t expect more than a few clicks a day.

Instead, it’s much better to focus on participating in relevant Facebook groups or create your own (if there’s a big fan base related to your blog topic).

how to boost a Pin

By contributing and helping other members in Facebook groups, you’ll earn other members’ trust and it’s more likely they will check your blog if you have relevant posts.

Further, you should try to participate in Facebook Blogging Groups’ threads. They are threads that members help each other grow on Social Media and increase their blog traffic!

I suggest you start on our group Golden Bloggerz. Some other high-quality groups to try are:


Twitter was my #1 source of traffic for my first year of blogging (it’s still is among my top sources).

I suggest you create a meaningful community around your blog’s topic, Offer your followers something of value instead of only promoting your posts!

I host daily Blogging threads (similar to FB groups) and I automatically retweet bloggers that tag my handle on their tweets.

Twitter Traffic

As a result, my blog’s Twitter handle has grown to almost 5,000 followers and it keeps growing day by day on autopilot!

I’m not telling you to do the same and host blogging threads. Just be creative and create something that your followers will engage with!

Personally, I use Postcron to schedule all my Tweets for a whole month. This tool offers the option to upload a spreadsheet with tweets instead of writing the tweets one by one.

How to bulk schedule Tweets

Then, you can post the same spreadsheet (with different dates of course) or slightly modify it with ease!

Grab Your FREE Month!


Instagram is currently the hardest platform to gain followers but it’s almost the hottest and most engaging one!

You’ll need at least a few thousand followers to attract a good daily amount of traffic from it.

A good Instagram strategy to follow is:

  1. a) Research the best-performing accounts (relevant to your topic) on the platform. Start by researching relevant terms and hashtags on Instagram.
  2. b) Check how many posts they publish a day, what kind of posts, and what hashtags they use
  3. c) Try to publish the same or higher amount of them. Use similar hashtags and try to engage with their followers
  4. d) Use the All-Hashtag tool to find the best hashtags to use. Use 5-6 hashtags from each group though. Don’t use all hashtags from the 1st (most popular) group as your post will get buried quickly.

Hashtags tools

3. Blogging Threads, Traffic Networks

Participating in Blogging threads is a fast and easy way to increase your traffic and connect with other bloggers, especially if you’re still new in the blogging industry.

Some of these networks I participate often because I see high engagement are:

  1. a) Blogging Threads of the above-mentioned Facebook Groups
  2. b) This website/network posts daily threads for traffic and Social Media.

Blogging Traffic Thread

I receive enough traffic from it when I participate as almost all members reciprocate.

It’s a good way to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic (as Pinterest exposes more your Pins if they receive many clicks) but it requires a lot of time to participate because you have to reciprocate to all members 100%.

  1. c) Virtual Content Bee: After you sign up for this network, you’ll receive points for every Social Media share you make (from a list of members’ posts). Then, you can spend these points to ask other members to share your posts on Pinterest, Twitter, or another platform of your choice.

How to make your Pins go viral

I use it as a way to further increase the impressions of my new Pins. Virtual Content Bee offers paid plans as well but you won’t need them for this purpose.

  1. d) Twitter Blogging threads

You’ll find plenty of these threads if you search about Blogging/bloggers threads on Twitter. I suggest you start here on our threads on Twitter!

Twitter Blogging threads don’t have that high engagement because most members just drop their links and leave.

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However, not all members act like this. it’s a place you can gain some good blogging friends who often share and engage with your posts.

4. Email List

I don’t put this on #4 because it’s not a great traffic source but because it’s not easy to drive traffic from your email list if you don’t have one yet (as a new blogger).

Growing an email list big enough to drive decent traffic can’t be done overnight.

However, once you manage to grow it, it will be among your favorite traffic sources!

As a new blogger, the best tool to use is MailerLite which is free up to 1,000 subscribers and it offers all the functions premium tools have.

Free Email Automation tool

It can take new bloggers some months to reach that limit (1,000 subscribers), so why paying for a small email list when you can have it for free?

How to Grow Your Email List

Instead of having a simple “Sign up for our newsletter” form on your blog, it’s much more effective if you create targeted freebies/content upgrades.

The more related your freebie is to a specific post the higher your conversion rate will be.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in productivity tips and you read a post about it.

Is it more likely to subscribe to a:

“Sign in to our newsletter” form

Or a

Grab my “How I increased my productivity by 200%” free PDF?

The point is: you have to create freebies that your readers can’t resist and join your list to get them.

With MailerLite, you can create multiple sign up forms, so you can have a different freebie for each category of your posts.

Another tip would be to hide a valuable part of your post and offer it as a free PDF if they subscribe to your email list!

By following this strategy, your list will eventually grow.

Then, not only you can drive traffic each time you publish a new post (by sending an email) but you can also promote affiliate offers or your own products!

Free Blog Coaching – Be Your Own Blogging Coach

For a solid Blogging strategy, SEO should be your main focus. Organic traffic is the most high-quality of traffic and it can bring you visitors for years to come.

Pinterest and Social Media are essential traffic streams as well, try to focus on those where your readers spend their time in.

Further, you can join Blogging threads (such as Facebook Groups or Twitter threads) to boost your page views and Social Media presence while gaining some new blogging friends to help you on your journey. The same applies to the above-mentioned “Blogging Networks”.

Last but not least, your email list is a powerful tool that not only can drive your traffic but you can also monetize successfully!

Do you want to get some high-quality blogging resources without spending a penny? check out this post with free resources for bloggers: The Best Blogging Freebies for New Bloggers

If you’re confused and not sure how to proceed with your blog or you need a precise step-by-step guide then these blogging course is for you:

Ready Set Blog for Traffic (Blog & Pinterest Course)

How to create viral Pins


I want Traffic & profit!

If you need to skyrocket your clicks from Pinterest, check out this one:

Pinterest Perfection Masterclass ($19 that’s a steal!)

How to go viral on Pinterest



Blog Coaching Traffic FAQ


What is Blog Coaching or Blog Coach?

Blog coaches are experienced bloggers who offer as a service their help to new bloggers. The latest often struggle with making money or traffic to their blogs so they seek for help.

Is it worth it to hire a blogging coach?

This depends on the service’s price and the value the blogging coach can provide. However, I suggest you to read the article above that may solve most of your problems without the need of a coach!

How much it cost to hire a Blogging coach?

The prices may vary, but experienced and successful bloggers charge more than $100/hour. That’s why I suggest you these free ways to drive traffic and monetize your blog without the need of a coach.

Should I offer blog coaching as a service?

If you consider yourself experienced enough, you can consider it. Make sure you can prove to your students that you have high traffic & income from your website.

Should I hire a blogging coach?

My opinion is no. Do your research and invest your money on outsourcing tasks to improve your blog.

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