Have you ever felt like giving up on your blog? Then, consider yourself lucky to land on this post! The blog writing motivation you need is here!

It’s a well-known fact that building an established and successful blog takes time. Many new bloggers don’t receive the results they were expecting, so they end up abandoning their blogs very soon.

According to BlogTyrant.com, the biggest worry of the 69.4% of bloggers is the lack of traffic and readers. That’s actually perfectly normal as it’s nearly impossible to attract huge amounts of readers with a brand new blog.

Also, it’s normal to feel frustration. Working hard without seeing immediate results demands a strong will power. Actually, it’s a difficult stage that every blogger/influencer has to overcome in order to reach success!

The best thing you can do is to treat it like an unmovable obstacle that you have to overcome before achieving your goals!

Blog Writing Motivation

how to stay motivated


The goal of this article is to keep you in the category of bloggers/influencers that they persist on their goals and dreams rather than giving up on their targets!

In order to help you on how to stay motivated as a blogger, I contacted 23 new but promising bloggers. I asked them to contribute their best motivational tips.

The reason I didn’t choose famous bloggers is that it’s easy to keep going if your platform has thousands of followers and generating thousands of dollars.

For this reason, I got in touch with new but promising bloggers. They are the ones that might struggle with gaining traffic or profit. They work hard hoping to see great results in the future.

How they achieve that? The answer is “Motivation”. This way, these are the most suitable people to help us stay motivated as bloggers or influencers.

Enough with all the fluff, let’s jump straight to the best motivational quotes – tips:

How to Stay Motivated

Deze from byDeze.com

Niche: Lifestyle, Travel, Home Décor

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“To stay motivated, share your recent blog posts with other bloggers (through twitter feeds and Facebook blogging groups for example). The feedback and comments are always so encouraging and make me want to write more!”

Why you should read her blog:
Because you want to live the most fabulous life and be the most fabulous you and that’s what we’re shooting for!

Pao de Chavez from paodechavez.com

Niche: Lifestyle/Tech

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“Rest if you must, but never ever quit.”

Why you should read her blog:
(My blog is under rebranding and hiatus. Although I got you a couple of important reminders!)

Georgia from WhatsInMyWonderland.com

Niche: Lifestyle, books, and writing

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“Stay motivated by providing little incentive to get your work done. For example, When I finish this post, I’m going to go and buy myself my favorite coffee. I like to use mood boards to motivate me to work harder, create a mood board with the things that you want to gain out of life, use this as a motivator to carry on working hard.”

Why you should read her blog:
I blog about books, writing, and my lifestyle. I like to share tips about writing/blogging and try to motivate others to persue their dreams.

Lee-Anne from WotsHerNameAgain.com

Niche: Lifestyle

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“Don’t be disheartened some times life happens and some times it will affect creativity – however, I try to have a few generic posts written that I can upload in case I have a busy week.”

Why you should read her blog:
I try to say what your thinking and answer the questions your asking.

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Carise Cotton from carisewrites.com

Niche: Health/Wellness/Writing

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“Regularly schedule work time away from home or opt to work in a public setting if you’re feeling particularly lazy and distracted when you get up. This can help you to stay on track– sitting in a coffee shop is a bit more formal than sitting at home on the couch.”

Why you should read her blog:
I offer practical tips you can immediately put into play to help you optimize your workdays and life as a writer. I also offer helpful health and wellness informational articles as well. Full of relatable information that has real value.

Chevy from ChevyTakesTheMic.com

Niche: Lifestyle

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“Get yourself a blogging buddy that will keep you on track. This buddy will be like a gym partner / your very own cheerleader pushing you to complete your blogging assignments and even recommending things for you to write about. The roles will also be switched and you can motivate them. A good way to stay motivated is by seeing someone close to you or someone you admire pushing through and achieving their goals.”

Why you should read her blog:
Because I keep it real in my posts.

Erica, The Prepping Wife from ThePreppingWife.com

Niche: Emergency preparedness, recipes, weight loss, married life, and books.

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“What you focus on grows! If you want your blog to grow, put the effort into it. You want to make money, treat it like a job. Show up, work, and be consistent. Be honest and be who you are. Never give up. Blocking out a specific time each day to work is great, and setting a schedule for posting. That way you stay consistent.”

Why you should read her blog:
I am always honest, sometimes funny, and love everything I write about.

Authentically Average Sean from AuthenticallyAverage.com

Niche: If you’re doing perfectly amazing in life, I’m probably not your guy, but please stop by anyway. For everyone else just trying to make it through, I’m blogging about living an average life, telling my story as a Ph.D. student/husband/Catholic/chef/real human.

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“Don’t feel that you “have to” stick to a schedule. Rather, be intentional about the inspiration for your writing. When I write a new post, it didn’t just “come to me”, it’s always something I’ve gone through and really believed that other people would benefit from hearing about (or be amused to hear about). You’re the person most passionate about your own content.”

Why you should read his blog:
I am unapologetically frank about living my life – it’s not always glamorous or sparkly, but it is real and authentic (hence the name) as opposed to like 95% of social media. We could all use a little more comradery, and I hope readers will find that here.

Lola Mia Bellouere Keay from LolitaBonita.co.uk

Niche: Lifestyle

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“Don’t be afraid to step back and take a break!”

Why you should read her blog:
It’s full of mixed content.

Jennifer O’Donnell from GrownAndGone.blogspot.com

Niche: I blog about the empty nest years and parenting young adults

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“I have a very good friend who holds me accountable every week. She reads my blog, asks me what I’m planning for the next week, and doesn’t take any crap or excuses from me. Basically, she’s a drill sergeant in heels. When I’m wondering if I should stick with it, she builds me up. I struggle through difficult weeks, making sure I make time for my blog because I know if I don’t she’ll have something to say about it.”

Why you should read her blog:
It’s bittersweet when your youngest moves out. You’ve worked so hard for so long, and suddenly poof, you’re standing there all alone. Raising children has been the privilege of my life, but I have to move on and create a world that centers around me. Harder than you might think.

Jess from CallHerJess.wordpress.com

Niche: Motivation, mental health and moving on!

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“Remember that your blog is a JOB! You still have to stay aware of your mental health and be sure to take a break just as you would for your full-time position. Take vacation just the same. It can become stressful to meet your deadlines and conduct your research. It’s ok to take a day and just do what you want”

Why you should read her blog:
I motivate and educate each day on my blog. I give tips not only for professionals but also for everyday interested readers. For example, I post about what to do when a family member is having an episode and what to look for. I also post about life stressors and how to cope with them. Lastly, I speak on how to move on and be productive within your life!

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Leigh Ann Newman from NansDailyDoseofLife.com

Niche: Rural living, parenting, business, low carb recipes

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“Hustle every day, even if you only accomplish small things because those small things build into big achievements over time.”

Why you should read her blog:
I share real-life stories to motivate, finding true Mom successes and The Authentic You.

Meagan Khatthaname from PurposefulMommy.com

Niche: Parenting, Marriage, Money

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“Find support! Whether from other bloggers or friends, having a support team will keep you motivated. I have enjoyed meeting other bloggers and seeing their successes keeps me motivated to keep going!”

Why you should read her blog:
My blog offers practical tips for all things parenting. From cleaning to money, I try to offer advice that makes life easier.

Darla Slade from FunFitnessFamily.com

Niche: Family Travel & Fitness

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“1) DO NOT compare yourself to others. Only look back at your own progress. There will always be someone better than you. What is important is where you started and where you are now. Blogging is like a snowman (or snowperson). You have to start with just a small handful of snow and then as you roll it, it gains momentum and gets bigger and bigger faster and faster!”

“2) Give yourself a break! There will always be way too many things to do. If you overwork yourself, you won’t be happy and you will stifle your creativity. When you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break to do something fun – whether it is a few hours or even a week. You’ll find when you go back to it, you’ll feel more motivated and have a fresh head to move forward.”

Why you should read her blog:
Our mission is to inspire happy, healthy, active families by sharing local experiences and travel adventures, fitness tips, and wellness resources. Led by a 20-year fitness instructor veteran with experience working for Disney, traveling the world, and being a kick-ass mom, you don’t want to miss out on our content!

Mimi Prentice from MimiPrentice.blogspot.com

Niche: Lifestyle

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“Peace and quiet to think, I take walks to clear my head, also I carry a little notebook, so any ideas that come into my head, I write down so I don’t forget, old fashioned I know, but it works for me.”

Why you should read her blog:
Because it’s mainly about me, (no only joking) I talk about anything that occurs really.

Bill and Summer Ludwig from othfit.com

Niche: Healthy Lifestyle

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“We stay motivated by keeping a very organized and consistent content schedule. This allows us to work ahead when we are feeling inspired. When we are feeling burned out we always know what needs to be done so we never feel overwhelmed.”

Why you should read their blog:
We are real people who have lost over 100 pounds by following the advice that we share.

Sarah from SincerelyEssie.co.uk

Niche: Happiness, health & the home.

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“Don’t follow the herd and be true to yourself when writing posts for your blog. Your passion can be seen through what you write so pick something which interests you + this will also help motivate you!”

Why you should read her blog:
My blog specializes in organic beauty, post partum weight loss, conscious living and things that make me happy!

Sanjota Purohit from HackyTips.com

Niche: Lifestyle

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“If you want to stay motivated don’t compare yourself with other Blogs/Bloggers. Instead, learn from them and get inspired. Comparing always demotivates and makes us feel sad about our stats & numbers. In Blogging it is always Learn and Be in the Race.”

Why you should read her blog:
My blog is a one-stop guide for many things. If you want to know about some beauty products, YES! Are you looking for tips on Health & Fitness? YES! Looking for entertainment such as shows to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime? YES! My travel stories, Blogging tips, Book reviews and what not!

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Joy Nibbs from SpiceAndNice.blog

Niche: Health, recipes, poetry

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“Take pride in your work and always look to refine your craft.”

Why you should read her blog:

My blog is taking an in-depth look at how we interact with food. Stop by to read poems and stay for the delicious recipes.

Kaye from LiveTheFrugalLife.com

Niche: Living frugally (cheaply)

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“Having a GOAL is what kept me motivated. I started this blog because I wanted to have some extra money that I could earn while I study at University as a broke student. So every time I write a post, I say to myself ‘Think of the extra money I could make by giving people tips!’ or ‘this post could probably get me a few dollars!’. I have a goal and I’m keeping myself focused on the goal, which is why I was able to stay motivated.”

Why you should read her blog:
It has tips and tricks on how to save money and spend them wisely.

Yaya from MyDreamality.com

Niche: Lifestyle including travel

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“Every day is a chance to find new readers. Make each day count and write the kind of stuff that you yourself find interesting to read. Your readers will notice it and come back.”

Why you should read her blog:
I write about a number of topics and don’t pretend I’m an expert on any of them. I write what I like to read.

Brendaleea Bagwell from TheInsideImage.com

Niche: Lifestyle, Health and Wealth

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“Ask friends and family things that they would like to know about that relates to your niche. Sometimes the best ideas come from conversations with people who are close to you.”

“Remember that you don’t have to be focused on your site 24/7. This can hinder your productivity. When you get off of your computer for the day, do something that is not related to your blog. Take a walk, read a book, or turn on the tv.”

Why you should read her blog:

In the case you want some quality articles/writing services for your business or if you’re interested in Health & Wealth topics.

Ashley from SugiSays.com

Niche: Lifestyle

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“Write for you before you write for anyone else. Yes, it’s other people who are going to be reading your work but if you don’t like what you’re putting out there, then you’re less likely to keep at it and believe in yourself. Keep pushing forward! Write those ideas down and edit, edit, edit.”

Mikaela from aBlondeInTheCrowd.wordpress.com

Niche: Fitness, Health & Love

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“My number one tip would be consistency. Setting dates you’re going to post on and not just randomly choosing. This goes for posts on Instagram as well I found. Just staying consistent in content is so key! It drives more people to your sites because there’s a steady flow of new content for them to engage with!”

My tip (Chris, owner of this blog)

“I use to track and check my progress and whatever I have achieved so far. It gives me the strength to move on and work even harder! Also, I use to read a lot (almost daily) other bloggers’ success stories, new methods and practices, avoiding blogging mistakes and whatever else can help me improve my work!”

Finally feeling motivated?

Always remember: Failing multiple times is normal as long as you keep standing up! Don’t hesitate to try new things until you find what it works out for you!

We encourage you to tell us how you stay motivated and add your own blog writing motivation tip in the comment section below!

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