The idea of working from home nearly excites everyone. How great it feels to stay away from traffic. How great it feels to stay away from chatter at office and weather conditions.  How great it feels to cut down your fuel expenses to zero.

However, lesser people realize that the excitement of this life disappears soon after starting it, as it comes with its own problems. Working from home can be amazingly convenient, yet at the same time, it can be dangerously distracting. The biggest challenge is to maintain the levels of productivity.

In this post, we will tell you nine amazing tips to increase your working from home productivity levels!

1) Disguise Your Body & Mind

Home means the place for relaxing. Every place at your home is supposed to give you comfort and soothing feelings. It is perfectly okay for home but not okay from a work perspective. When you wear pajamas and do not go anywhere, your body thinks it is a holiday.

So take shower, get dressed formally and trick your body into thinking it is work time.

 2) Designate a Particular Space

Make sure that you have designated space in your home that serves as your work area. It should be as far from living and bedrooms as possible. Place where you spend time with your family is not suitable as it cause stress both your professional life and family life.

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3) Try Some Music

This may not work for everyone, though for some it works perfectly fine. Go to YouTube, and find some work-related soundtracks. These soundtracks often help to boost up your creativity.

Productive working from home


4) Do Not Lockup Yourself In Home

Staying indoors all the time is never recommended. No matter how introvert you are, you need to socialize. Keep going outdoors for different activities. Indulge yourself in social work, or hang out with friends and family.

 5) Maximize The Communication

You are never going to stop by the desks of your peers, or tap their back and start a conversation. This communication is essential as it keeps you motivated for work.

So use your communication tools to stay in touch with peers. Contact your team members individually during the day. So that you know what is going on in the office. Staying away from society is an unhealthy pattern.

 6) Minimize The Distraction

Working from home brings you the ultimate freedom to have fun during work, but that would be just another distraction in the plethora of interruptions. There could be many things on your table, who remind you of house chores. It could be an electricity bill, a dress or anything.

The working environment plays a key role in maintaining a professional mindset. Keep your home office free from distractions.

7) Have A Plant

It may not appeal your eyes, but it converts nasty gases into pleasant oxygen and create a healthy environment. Besides greenery will also help reduce work stress.

8) Heed Lightning & Color

The color of the walls in a room can have sound impacts on your mood. It may surprise you that some colors even cause more stress and arguments.

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If your office walls have been painted with an aggravating color or dark colors, it is time to repaint. Find a color that puts you in a relaxed, productive mood and gives soothing feelings. Color Psychology is a particular science discipline and you should be aware of the basics of it to select the color of your walls. A good home office always allows plenty of natural light. It does so without glaring up your computer screen.

9) Set a Schedule & Stick To It

Home distractions can easily ruin your schedule. We know that the schedule is the key deciding factor in productivity. A person who keeps changing routine can never achieve success. Think which time your body and mind works best and set your schedule accordingly. In addition, once you set your schedule stick to it, unless or until there is an emergency.

The Final Verdict

Life working from home is a dream to many, but often we choose our dreams without heeding our personalities and aptitudes. That leads to nowhere. Career opportunities are vast in the modern age, so think very well before choosing your career lines. For some people, it is very annoying to work for home and some enjoy it. It does not mean that if you are extrovert, you can never adopt a remote lifestyle, but for sure, you will face more trouble than introverts will.

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