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If you are looking to quit your 9 to 5 or want to generate passive income selling products from home, there are lots of ideas you can explore. Internet has made it possible for millions of people to start their home business without the need of huge capital investment. If you are creative and have basic knowledge of commerce you can get started with selling products online. In case you are worried about running your own ecommerce store you mustn’t worry. While having your own online store offers you more control and increases your profits (since you don’t need to pay any commissions), not having one isn’t a limitation. You can try marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or those that are dedicated to niche products. 

When we talk of selling products from home it can either be skilled trades or those where you have relatively hand-off operations. In the former you will be selling items that you produce at home while in the latter you merely trade in products you source from a manufacture and earn sizable profit selling it. While the former offers you complete control over price and profits, the latter is much easier to get started with. 

Products You Can Sell From Home

Art & Craft

This is perhaps the oldest of home business products and doesn’t require any introduction. From the likes of Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe and Francis Bacon to somebody on the street corner, artists and craftsmen have always been selling their masterpieces from home. If you have the skills to create something meaningful or holding on to craftsmanship passed down generations, you can make good business out of it. From selling it to the local community to across the world, the sky is the limit as long as you have something distinctive to offer. As you grow in reputation as an artist or craftsman you will be able to demand a premium price for your labor. 

Soaps & Bath Bombs

You won’t believe the kind of demand that exists in the market for homemade soaps, bath bombs and other similar products. In fact we have seen an exponential rise in the demand for these products in the market. Being handmade they have a cult following among their fans and it would be a great business for you to get into. It is low-tech and doesn’t require much of upfront investment. You can easily find recipes to make these products at home and make a killer business out of it. The thing you must keep in mind is local government regulations and the quality standards set for these products. 

make money selling this product from home

Selling (Flipping) Books

This is another business that has gained strong currency among home business owners. There are millions of people around the world who are flipping books for profit. This business model is simple where you buy books at cheap and then sell them at a higher price. Depending on the rarity of the book, its condition and age and other factors such as signed by the author, first edition etc. you can make anything between few dollars to few thousand dollars per book. As you go along in this trade you will learn the art of finding those rare treasures from garage sales and old books stores. There are platforms dedicated to book flipping and you will be able to sell your books to avid readers and collectors from around the world. 

make money flipping books

Custom T-Shirts

If you have good designs skills and can come up with catchy words and slogans this may be the right business for you. T-shirts are one of the best merchandizing products and they sell like hot cakes. You can buy t-shirts in bulk at very cheap prices and print logos, designs and text on them right in your home. This business is highly profitable as you will be able to sell these custom tees few times your input cost. T-shirt printing equipment starts from few hundred dollars and with that amount of investment you can get going with your business.

make money fselling t shirts

Curated Gift Boxes
This business also doesn’t require you to produce anything on your own but simply curate a gift box with products that you’d buy from the market and sell them at premium. You won’t need to be crafty but you must build exceptional skills at curation. You need to choose the right type or products to go inside a gift box depending on the target customers or build custom boxes as required by your clients. The advantage with this business is that you are likely to receive bulk orders and this saves you in shipping costs as compared to selling products to individual customers. 

Make Money Selling Products from Home-based Business

To sum up there are lots of other products that you will be able to sell depending on your skills and demands in the market. It is important that you do your homework on demand, competition and regulations to run it successfully. 

How tto make money selling products from home
Make Money Selling Products from Home FAQ

What other products can I sell to make money from home?

You can sell a wide variety of products, such as calendars, crochet art, paintings, souvenirs, art pieces, custom design mugs, caps etc

Do I need an LLC license or other license to sell products online?

Yes, you will probably need one as well as declaring your earnings. It’s better to ask a professional because every country has different regulations

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