The recent Mediavine’s announcement about increasing their monthly requirements from 25k to 50k monthly sessions shocked many bloggers who planned to join this ad network, so they seek the best Mediavine alternatives.

new Mediavine requirements

Joining Mediavine is the dream of the majority of the new bloggers. Many of them are struggling even to hit 25k sessions per month (about 30k page views).

This way, the new requirement of 50k sessions/month might discourage many of us.

Hopefully, though, there are some worthy alternatives that may work better for your current traffic and they require fewer monthly visitors.

If you wanted to join Mediavine, I guess you’re looking for the cream of the crop ad networks, so I’ll suggest only the best alternatives.

The truth is, there are not many quality ad networks, that’s why Mediavine is so popular despite its high monthly requirements.

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Best Mediavine Alternatives

1) Monumetric

is monumetric better than adsense

Monumetric (previously known as “Blogger Network”) is an ad network that works similar to Mediavine but it requires only 10k monthly pageviews to join.

Anyway, if you have less than 10k monthly pageviews you won’t be able to generate a decent amount of money.

They pay publishers (bloggers & website owners) based on the PPV (Pay Per View) model.

In contrast to Google Adsense that a visitor needs to click an ad to generate income (although Adsense claims to currently use a mixed system of PPV and Pay per Click), Monumetric & Mediavine pay you for every ad impression your site generates.

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The Pay per View model is more popular among the bloggers because your visitors don’t have to click an ad to generate income.

There are many “Pay per Click” ad networks that are considered lower quality and I’ll not recommend them.

Many bloggers and website owners have reported that they enjoyed up to a 500% increase in their payouts compared to Adsense earnings!

Note that 10k pageviews/month is the minimum limit and not the recommending one. Monumetric has 4 different programs based on your monthly pageviews:

Mediavine alternatives

  • Propel: 10,000 – 80,000 monthly pageviews
  • Ascend: 80,000 – 500,000 monthly pageviews
  • Startos: 500,000 – 10,000,000 monthly pageviews
  • Propeller: 10,000,000+ monthly pageviews

However, the blogger community suggests AdThrive network if you have more than 100,000 pageviews per month.

Further, Monumetric has PayPal available as an option except for bank transfer, a choice that misses from AdSense.

On the other hand, bloggers who joined Monumetric reported that it takes about 2-3 months from the moment you apply until the moment Monumetric ads run on your site.

Also, the Monumetric payment method is net 60 which means that it takes 60 days (after the end of the month you earned the income) to receive your payments.

This sounds discouraging, but after a couple of months passed you’ll receive your monthly payment.

Monumetric Pros & Cons


  • Higher payments compared to AdSense or similar networks
  • It requires only 10k monthly pageviews
  • High-quality ads that don’t slow your site
  • PayPal as a payment method
  • They optimize your blog to boost your earnings
  • Good support
  • Pay per View


  • The approval period can take up to 3 months
  • They pay based on NET 60 model
  • If you join the first plan (10k-80k pageviews) you’ll have to pay $80, but you can choose to withdraw them from your first earnings


2) Ezoic

AdSense vs Ezoic

Ezoic is among the most popular ad networks for bloggers after AdSense.

It’s not an independent ad network, but they use AdSense’s inventory of ads.

This means there are tons of ads to display based on your niche.

But why is it so much better than AdSense?

Ezoic team claims that they optimize your blog, ads placement, and display to boost your income.

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They do that using AI and experimenting with different types of ads and placements

Bloggers that use Ezoic reported 3-4 times more (300%-400%) earnings compared to AdSense, so their claims are most likely true!

Monumetric vs AdSense

Ezoic uses a mixed system of Pay per View & Pay per Click similar to AdSense.

However, clicks pay much more than impressions.

This network requires 10k monthly pageviews as well to join and you need an AdSense account to apply.

The approval period is supposed to be 24 hours, but Ezoic suggests at least 12 weeks to let the program reach its full potential.

The truth is, the longer you’re with Ezoic, the better your earning will be as the AI understands better how to optimize your site.

Ezoic Pros & Cons


  • It requires 10k pageviews per month
  • It pays based on NET 30 model
  • Cheque, direct deposit, Paypal & Payoneer as payment options
  • Good support
  • They optimize your site for you to earn the maximum possible
  • Their ad inventory is huge which means it works on every niche


  • The earnings are higher than Adsense but no the highest of the market
  • It takes at least 12 weeks to reach its maximum potential


best Mediavine alternatives

Yahoo’s and Bing’s ad network pays higher than AdSense as well but not as good as Mediavine or Monumetric.

Its greatest disadvantage is that they require you to have visitors from the UK, USA, or Canada to earn a decent income.

This way, if the grand majority of your readers are not from these countries, it doesn’t worth applying.

However, if your visitors are mainly from these countries, you can earn a decent income which is higher than AdSense.

They don’t mention what is the monthly traffic requirement though. Pros & Cons



  • Good support
  • Wire Transfer, Paypal
  • Personal advisor to optimize your site for better income
  • Contextual ads
  • Net 30


  • They accept only sites with an audience from the USA, UK and Canada
  • Payments are slightly better than AdSense

Best Ad networks alternatives to AdSense

Ad Networks FAQ

Is Monumetric better than Mediavine?

No, Mediavine is better than Monumetric because it pays higher and it has better on-site optimization which means your blog speed won’t get affected much. However, Mediavine requires 50k sessions/month. This way, Monumetric is the best Mediavine’s alternative until you can reach its requirements.

Is Monumetric better than Ezoic?

On average yes, it is. However, it depends greatly on your niche. Some blog topics may perform better on Ezoic and some on Monumetric. Ezoic has no entry fees as well.

Is Monumetric better than

Monumetric is better unless you receive the grand majority of your traffic from the USA, UK, or Canada.

Is Mediavine better than AdSense?

Yes it is because it pays 100%-700% more, but it requires at least 50k sessions/month to apply. This way, AdSense is more friendly for beginners.

Is Mediavine better than Monumetric?

Yes, Mediavine is better than Monumetric. Think of Monumetric as a “smaller Mediavine” with lower monthly requirements (10k pageviews a month). Still, Monumetric remains the best alternative to Mediavine.

Is Mediavine better than Ezoic?

Yes, if you have enough traffic to apply you’ll make more money with Mediavine. Ezoic has lower requirements and as a result is more beginner-friendly.

Is Mediavine better than

Yes, even if you get all of your traffic from the USA, UK & Canada, it’s likely that you’ll earn more with Mediavine.

Ezoic or AdSense? Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Yes, that’s the point of Ezoic. Actually, it is AdSense on steroids! They optimize your site to boost your earning to the maximum using AdSense’s ads.

Is Ezoic better than

Well it depends on your traffic. worth it only if you have traffic only from the UK, USA or Canada. Otherwise, Ezoic is a safe bet.

What is the best Mediavine alternative

The short answer is Monumetric. If you have more than 10k monthly pageviews join Monumetric while you’re working your way to 50k sessions/month

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