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How to Increase Blog Post Page-Views for Free?

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Don’t forget that the more bloggers you’ll help, the more help you’ll receive!

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What Are the Benefits if I Join the Threads on Your Blog?

The grand majority (more than 50%) of my blog’s traffic comes from USA, UK & Europe. This means that:

  • It’s the highest possible quality of traffic. Here, real bloggers engage & read your content, unlike similar threads that are full of 3rd world country fake traffic bots that can potentially harm your site.
  • This kind of traffic is considered the best possible so it can boost your SEO Rankings, increase your Alexa Rank, CPC & CPM Ads Revenue.
  • Your comments will stay up for 1-2 weeks, instead of 1 day compared to Facebook Threads
  • We have visitors from all Social Media channels on the blog, not only Facebook users!

Every blogger can join as long as she/he respects the rules & her/his blog is not about illegal activities. For maximum engagement, I recommend you to join daily both our Golden Bloggerz’ Facebook Group threads as well as our on-blog threads.

This thread will reset every Monday.

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Disclaimer: These threads do not guarantee to increase your blog’s & your Social Media channel’s visibility & followers. However, many bloggers are seeing better results using them. Also, it’s easy & fast to participate.

How to increase Blog Post Pageviews, sessions, time spent on Site?


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Hazlo Emma

Let my feedback on your blog. I have also scheduled to share on social media

Hazlo Emma

Let my feedback on your blog. I have also scheduled to share on social media

Low Bee Lian

Hello, I share the basics of SEO to help your blog posts to start getting ranked higher in Google.


Gratitude may not seem easy to do depending on what is going on in your life, but baby steps can be taken. Be grateful for little things. This can often be enough to start having positive effects on the body.

Feel free to navigate through the blog.


How to resume our lives after the coronavirus break?
We could start more responsibly. We could do our daily routine tasks with a greener approach. Read the complete article on the link below!

carson presley

I pulled together all of my traveling experience and made this planner! Use it to help ease some stress on your next trip!

Read it, Pin it, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog 🙂


Will be returning all favors.


For those who want to build a true passive income online, here is my guide in how to setup a 52 week membership site in 7 days

Kamaljeet Singh

Great work at goldenbloggerz, I found this post about increasing pageviews very interesting…
You can also check out my latest post from here


This is one of my favorite posts I’ve written.


Wonderful post, I left a comment!


When was the last Time you did Something for the First Time

When was the last Time you did Something for the First Time??

carson presley

Read, pinned, and subscribed 🙂


I’d love some views on this post 🙂


Is this post always active? Because the most comments are 1 month ago…

Ok I try my luck with this beauty post:

Jeetendra Kush is my travel website i want traffic on my web so you help me and i help in revert

Hazlo Emma

Navigate through this blog too and share.

I will return all comments

Natalie Portman

I’m so glad I could inspire you! Thanks for writing to tell me I did!
Thank you for following my blog, by the way! I received the notification. Happy New Year to you! I look forward to getting to know you better in the new year.


Page views!

Hazlo Emma

see my feedback in the comment section. Great story. I have queued to share


Thank you for all your support Chris

Hazlo Emma

Claire, I was not able to leave my feedback on your blog post – I do not know why – but I have queued it to share loved the post on conversations we should have with our loved ones. this was my take: Let me know how you would have gotten it Claire, You have shared your story in such a phenomenal way. It does not matter what you do, or who you are. We all have to deal with this difficult conversation. Since we come from a lineage of Christian leaders, we deal with this almost every other time… Read more »

Economist Media

Are you a new YouTuber or looking to start doing youtube in 2020?
Are you unsure about what it entails to be a YouTuber in 2020?
Do you wanna hear from other people who already do youtube but don’t know who to ask?

I answer all these questions in my blog post. There is no obligation to read or follow but every engagement is valued.

Hazlo Emma

read your blog and i have scheduled to share on twitter


Read 3 of your posts! I am going to use the 2020 journal prompts. Love them!


Any engagement is appreciated!


Hey Mellissa, I’ve read four of your posts. Very good reads, particularly the budget resolutions x


Thank you!

Hazlo Emma

loved you blog on meals at $40. see my feeback. I have shared it.

Brenda West

I’d love more comments and subscribers.

Hazlo Emma

Brenda, see my feedback in your most recent blog post


I’d love to have more views. Mg blog is about parenting.


Hey! Checked your blog. Looks great. I like your writing style. Very warm and inviting!

Tiffany Marcum
Hazlo Emma



Hi everyone! Would love views on my newest bit of writing 🖤 thank you in advance!


I love your night sky poem and your thoughts on Christmas. I wish I’d read it 2 weeks ago.

Tiffany Marcum

Lovely site!

Tiffany Marcum

Clicked through! I love your poem Night Sky!


Hi bloggers,
Would love more views on my latest blog post. Thank you



Tiffany Marcum

Viewed, lovely site!

Tiffany Marcum
Hazlo Emma

lovely blog.

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