If the terms “Pinterest Marketing”, “Pinterest strategy for Bloggers” & “How to get traffic from Pinterest” make you feel frustrated, you’re not alone!

Pinterest is really confusing, especially for new bloggers or new Pinterest users.

However, once you learn how to drive Pinterest traffic to your blog, you’ll understand that it’s worth to invest some time on this visual search engine.

Pinterest seemed very confusing to me as well, but I decided to invest some time daily on the platform in order to drive more sales and traffic to my blog.

After researching this subject for a long time and making many experiments, I ended up on the following Pinterest strategy for Bloggers. It consists of simple steps, but it requires daily action.

The results are x5 times more Pin Clicks!

Pinterest Free Coaching

How to drive traffic from Pinterest

Note #1: Pinterest’s algorithm is always changing and some strategies you‘ve learned before may not work now. For this reason, I tried to write a strategy that is relevant and effective regardless of Pinterest algorithm’s changes.

Note #2: Not all niches are popular on Pinterest. Some topics have millions of views daily, while some others have none. The most popular Pinterest topics are:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Home Décor
  • Crafts & DIY
  • Travel
  • Quotes
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Food/Drink
  • Humour
  • Fashion
  • Makeup, Women Body Care

Of course, each of these topics has many subtopics that are also popular on Pinterest. Anyway, you can try a quick Pinterest search using the built-in Pinterest keyword tool to figure out the volume of keywords you’re planning to use.

What is the Built-in Pinterest Keyword Tool?

Yes, Pinterest has its own keyword tool!

As its name suggests, it’s a tool to research the monthly volume of potential keywords. Actually, it’s a tool for creating Pinterest ads, but you can use it totally for free for researching.

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How to use Pinterest Keyword Tool

If you have a Pinterest Business account (you should, it’s free), you can use this tool.

On your Pinterest main menu, click Ads -> Create ad.

How to find keywords Pinterest

Then, leave the first page blank and click Continue on the bottom left corner.

On the second page, scroll down until you see the “Search for related keywords” box.

Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers

Now, simply enter your keywords and the tool will provide you the volume and It will suggest you similar keywords with their monthly volume!

The Best Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers:

1) Use Keywords Wisely

If you want your pins to show up organically when a user searches for a relevant topic, you have to use keywords.

The best way to achieve this is to use the Pinterest keyword tool (mentioned above) along with the Pinterest suggested Keywords (keywords that show up after you perform a Pinterest search).

How to promote Blog on Pinterest

If you’re just looking for some beautiful, eye-catching ready-made templates to increase your Pinterest Traffic, look no further than this offer: 100+ Feminine Pinterest Templates only for $47!

Ready made Templates for Pinterest

Creating Pins is time-consuming. You can use these templates that are proven to drive impressions & clicks. You can slightly modify them to use them again and again!

But, why Feminine? No matter what your niche is, the 80% of Pinterest users are women. They’re attracted more to feminine templates!

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Grab Them Now!

After you collect enough relevant keywords, make sure to implement some of them into:

  • Your Pin description (if you create a new Pin through Pinterest)
  • Pin’s alt description if you pin from your blog
  • Pin’s title
  • Your profile’s description
  • The first board you’re going to save each Pin. Ideally, you want the board’s name to include your main keyword of each Pin. Don’t be afraid to create new Boards!
  • If possible, in blog posts’ title
  • On the image’s text

2) The first 5 Pins you save each day should link to your Blog

Pinterest has officially claimed that the first 5 Pins you save each day will receive more exposure on your followers’ feed.

For this reason, it’s better to be your own Pins!

Of course, you can save other creators’ Pins, but let it be after you have pinned the first 5 Pins that link to your own website.

3) Create 1-5 fresh Pins daily

Pinterest’s latest algorithm favors fresh Pins. This way, if you create a brand new Pin, it will receive more exposure on the platform compared to a Pin that you have saved before.

The best method is to create and save the first 5 new Pins daily.

If this sounds too time-consuming for you, try to create at least 1-2 fresh Pins every day. Try to make it a habit.

Not only Pinterest will promote them more, but you can give your followers another perspective/reason to click and save your Pins!

But what is actually is a “Fresh” Pin?

Well, a fresh Pin is considered a Pin that has a new pin description, a new image & a new title.

The Pinterest team claims that an image that has never used before on the platform will receive even more exposure, but that’s not possible for all content creators as we use stock photos.

This way, you should always edit your images using a tool like Canva or Photoshop. Pins with clickable text attract more engagement anyway.

4) More Engagement = More Exposure

The more Clicks, Saves, and Close-Ups a Pin receives, the more exposure it will get from Pinterest.

This is actually the secret to create “viral” Pins.

how to create viral pins

How to achieve higher Pinterest Engagement?

A) Pin quality images. The more attractive an image is, the more clicks it will get

B) Write irresistible text on your Pins’ images. Give users a reason to click and read your content. Convince them with a few words what they will get after reading your post (or what problem they’ll solve)

C) Pins should lead to quality content. If a user is disappointed after reading your post, he/she will not continue to read your posts. Avoid pinning low-quality Pins (from other users) as well.

Crafting quality Pins is a skill that takes time to learn, so I encourage you to experiment with your Pins’ style and discover what works better.

D) Participate in Facebook Group’s Pinterest Threads

As I mentioned above, the more engagement a Pin receives, the more promotion it will get from the platform.

Read the post “How to go viral on Pinterest” for more free networks to join and skyrocket your traffic!

Facebook Blogging Groups’ threads for Pinterest are an excellent way to give your Pins a boost!

Pinterest strategy for Bloggers

Of course, you will have to return the favor to other groups’ members. However, try to spot and Repin relevant Pins to your niche.

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Saving irrelevant Pins may hurt your profile a little and getting Re-pins from irrelevant Pinners will not help you get more saves or traffic.

Each group has a specific day for the Pinterest thread. The best method is to find relevant Pins from the thread and Re-pin them. It’s likely that these members will return the favor and click/save your Pins as well.

Tip: Remind/ask other members to also click a Pin if they save it (and you’ll do the same)!

I actually do this and my Pins views have greatly increased! You can join our Facebook Blogging Group Pinterest threads every Thursday and Social Media thread every Tuesday!

6) Consistency Matters!

Pinterest prefers users that are active and consistent daily. Try to plan ahead and distribute your Pins equally (for each day) throughout the week.

For example, if you save 70 Pins per week, you should save 10 Pins a day.

If you find it hard to manually schedule all of your pins, you can try a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind (this an all Tailwind links are affiliate links which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase anything after clicking this link with no extra cost to you).

Social Media tools for beginners

Not only Tailwind will help you schedule a whole month’s Pins in a matter of minutes, but it can also boost your Pins and traffic by joining “Tailwind Tribes”.

When you sign up, you’ll get 100 scheduled Pins totally for free (no credit card required) and step-by-step instructions to learn how to use this app along with “Tailwind Tribes” for maximum results.

7) Create Pins with a 2:3 ratio

We have heard many opinions regarding the right ratio of a pin. But what’s better than following Pinterest’s suggested resolution?

According to Pinterest, your pins should have a 2:3 ratio and ideally 600x900px. If this seems too small for you, you can try 700x1050px or even 800x1200px.

If you use Canva, select Create new image/design -> custom dimensions and set the numbers mentioned above.

How to create viral pins

8) Save high-performing Pins to Boost your Boards

The more high-performing Pins you save, the higher “rating” you’ll get from the platform. It means that Pinterest considers that you’re a quality Pinner and trusts your Pins more.

You cannot see this rating, but the Pinterest team has explained it many times. I can confirm it myself as well.

This works much better if you’re a new Pinterest user because the platform has not figured out what kind of a Pinner you are.

How to spot high-performing Pins?

Fortunately, this is easier than you might think!

The grand majority of the Pins that show up on your ‘Home feed’ or any suggested Pins are high-performing ones.

If you select one of your boards, you can click on the “More Ideas” tab to get suggested Pins. These are high-performing too, that’s why they show up there!

How to get Traffic from Pinterest

Simply save some of these Pins in relevant boars to boost your authority on the platform!

9) Monitor Your Analytics & Act Accordingly

After you get a Pinterest Business Account, you’ll have access to your profile’s analytics.

Click Analytics ->Overview and then select Source -> “Your Pins” from the left sidebar in order to see the performance of your own Pins only.

Pinterest Business account

Now, you can check how good or bad your Pins perform. You can see the best/worst of your Pins based on Impressions, Saves and Link clicks.

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Also, you can select the specific time period for these analytics.

Spend some time to identify what elements have the highest performing Pins so you can create more of them.

Do the same for your worst-performing Pins so you can avoid repeating the same style in the future.

By doing this regularly, you’ll improve your Pins’ style and design eventually. As a result, you’ll increase your Pins saves, clicks, and eventually your blog traffic!

10) Leave Low-Quality Group Boards

By following the exact method mentioned above, you can check the analytics and performance of your boards and group boards as well.

Joining low-quality group boards (low rate of Repins, clicks etc) can hurt your Pinterest profile/rating.

Pinning to Group boards with high engagement is still good though!

This way, find those worthless group boards and leave them. They do not offer you any clicks or saves anyway.

Group boards used to be the best Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers, but the recent algorithms have changed that.

Quality Personal boards are worth much more now!

Do NOT leave them all low-quality group boards at once, because this makes you seem like a spammer in platforms’ eyes.

Instead, leave 3-4 group boards a day.

How to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

Fortunately, Pinterest provides us with tools to maximize our Blog’s traffic and our profiles’ engagement.

The Pinterest Keyword Tool and the “Analytics tool” are two “hidden gems” free built-in tools that many users ignore.

By taking advantage of these tools, you can place your target keywords on your Pins, Boards, and profile.

Remember that the first 5 Pins of each day should link to your blog. It’s even better if you can create 5 (or at least 2) fresh Pins daily!

Consistency matters a lot on this platform too.

Further, you should monitor your profile’s analytics and check what works better in order to optimize your Pins and your boards for better engagement that leads to more exposure!

This way, low-quality group boards have nothing to offer you, so it’s better to leave them!

Last but not least, Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio for images.

I hope this is an easy-to-follow Pinterest strategy for Bloggers to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest! Of course, it requires daily action but the result is worth it!

For any question you may have, don’t hesitate to ask me on the comments below or reach out to me through Social Media or email!

If you’re already a Pinterest user but don’t have a blog yet, check out this guide to start your blog with free promotion and coaching!

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