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Ready Set Blog for Traffic Review (Blogging Course)

Is the blogging course “Ready Set Blog for Traffic” worth buying? – An Honest Review

Ready Set for Blog Traffic Review

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Do you want to create a plan for your blog to grow your traffic and income day by day until you can make a living entirely from your blog?

Then yes, Ready Set Blog for Traffic is worth buying and it’s the reason I’m writing this “Ready Set for Blog Traffic” review!

How to increse Pinterest Link Clicks

I enjoyed a dramatic increase in Link Clicks after I put the tips into action!

Do you want to keep wasting time, money, and resources on wrong tools, on non-converting posts? Then, you can pass on this one.

If you still haven’t started your blog and you want to start one, you absolutely need to read this guide: “Start Your Money-Making Blog & Get Free Promotion & Coaching”

But if you’re wondering if this blogging course worth its money, I guess you’re already looking to grow your blog, increase your traffic and generate a real income.

Before I explain why this course by Elna Cain is totally worth buying, let me tell you that it’s totally normal to have second thoughts about an online product.

Ready Set Blog for Traffic testimonial

I’m an affiliate marketer of this product but I will be totally honest with you. There’s not a single course online that teaches you things that you cannot find anywhere else.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that a course is not worth buying. The opposite actually!

With so many resources online, it’s easy to get lost on the way or to not be sure what path to follow. This course takes you by hand and guides you step-by-step.

The result is that you save so much time and you learn you to earn money from your blog otherwise you couldn’t earn. This way, it’s better to invest some money in this course in order to earn more!

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That’s why I see it as an investment rather than a purchase.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the course, there’s always a 30 days money-back (no questions asked) guarantee! So why not to try it at least?

What is “Ready Set for Blog Traffic”?

“Ready Set for Blog Traffic” is a blogging course for beginner and intermediate bloggers. It teaches how to generate traffic from search engines and Pinterest and how to create income-generating content.

I want Traffic & profit!

But what’s so special about it?

Well, this course teaches you how to attract the right kind of traffic; Readers that convert, subscribe to your email list, come back to read more of your posts, and eventually convert and buy from you or your affiliated products.

Ready Set Blog for Traffic is a combination of videos and text-based lessons:

Chapter 1: The foundational elements of your blog

Ready Set Blog for Traffic first chapter

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to build some must-have pages for your blog. For some it may be common knowledge, but I’m amazed about how many new bloggers skip these essential steps.

Chapter 2: Foundational Elements for Increasing Traffic

Ready Set Blog for Traffic second chapter

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to schedule your blog content, how to be more productive and effective and how to save time from other tasks.

Also, you can look at some real results and case studies that prove how these lessons work and bring results.

Chapter 3: SEO Strategy for long term traffic

What is the best blogging course

Except for the foundational SEO elements you need to attract traffic from search engines, Elna teaches a different approach to SEO!

Further, she walks you through the SEO process she uses to rank high on search engines!

Chapter 4: Pinterest Growth Strategy for Traffic Right Now

What is the best blogging course

Pinterest is where new bloggers get the majority of their traffic and it can be a goldmine if you use it the right way.


Because it’s much easier to rank on the visual search engine called Pinterest than Google. Google doesn’t even rank a new site if it’s not older than 6-12 months.

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The thing is, Pinterest seems simple to use but it has so many secrets that are no possible for a new user to find out.

Results after using Ready Set Blog for Traffic

This chapter teaches you how to use  Pinterest to skyrocket your traffic not only when you publish fresh Pins but for the long term as well.

Pinterest is a search engine so you have to place your keywords strategically throughout the platform if you want your Pins to show up again and again when users search for topics in your niche.

Chapter 5: Create Income Generating Content

Ready Set for Blog Traffic worth buying

My own results (affiliate income) soon after I took the course:

Income Report
Affiliate Income Report

This is the best chapter of the course as it teaches you the way to create content that generates income again and again.

What to do with all that traffic if you can’t monetize it?

In order to make money blogging you need to create content that converts and attracts the right kind of traffic. That’s exactly what this course teaches you!

Bonus Section: 4 Essential Freebies

Elna Cain Review

Here you’ll find some valuable tools like the Pinterest cheatsheet with daily, weekly, and monthly instructions!

Does it seem too much content?

That’s exactly why I recommend this blogging course! Quantity and high-quality content for an affordable price (actually it’s much cheaper compared to similar courses) that you can even split into two payments!

I want Traffic & profit!

The main takeaway points I took from this course:

  • I learned how to create a solid pinning strategy that drives daily traffic
  • A different, smart approach about SEO and search engines results
  • The most important of all, how to create content that generates money and how to attract the right traffic for it!

Some results below soon after I applied the course’s lessons:

“Ready Set for Blog Traffic” Pros & Cons

The best online blogging course for beginners bloggers


  • Great Value-for-Money
  • It provides evidence that her lessons work
  • High-quality lessons
  • You save so much time & fast-forwards your blogging journey
  • It covers pain-points of every blogger
  • It’s beginner-friendly but it also helps experienced bloggers
  • 30 days money-back (no questions asked) guarantee.


  • It includes many videos but I personally prefer more text-based lessons (but that’s my preference)
  • The case studies it includes are difficult to achieve for an entry-level blogger
  • It includes so many useful tips that it’s difficult to keep track of everything unless you write them down one notepad

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About “Ready Set Blog for Traffic” Owner/Writer: Elna Cain Review

Elna Cain

When I was first searching how I can make a living online, I stumbled upon Elna’s freelance writing course (write your way to 1k).

A month later, I have earned more than this amount (I talk about it on this post: “How I made $3000 Freelance Writing Online as a Total Beginner”). If you wish to start a freelance writing career for a full-time income, check this course by Elna: “Write Your Way to 1k”

I was so excited that I decided to work full-time online in order to make a living!

A few years later, I decided to start working on my blog at the same time. I find Blogging much more interesting and fun, to be honest, so I aimed to earn a full-time income exclusively from blogging.

Without a doubt, I purchased Elna’s course about Blogging (Ready Set Blog for Traffic) and I realized how many things I was doing wrong!

Elna Cain Testimonials

But who is Elna and how she has this expertise:

Elna is a mom of twins that started her online career as a freelance writer. Now she has started her own blogs. She was so successful that she decided to release some courses in order to help like-minded people who want to earn an income online!

This way, she’s a writer, blogger, and a successful online marketer who sells her own courses.

Are You Ready to Jump from Failure to Success?

best blogging course

Have you tried everything, spend countless hours but nothing seems to work?

Before you consider giving up, give “Ready Set for Blog Traffic” a try! You’ll be closer to fulfill your dream and make a living exclusively from your blog!

Not only it will change the way you’re blogging, but it will also save you so much time! You’ll learn everything you need to know sooner and you’ll be looking forward to applying these tips into your blog!