So far, the world is moving so fast nowadays, and the ratio of book writing is getting much slower day by day. People are now avoiding consuming their time in libraries to make various notes & to research the topic. This is just because of the availability of unlimited numbers of content on the internet on each subject or topic.

Instead of writing and publishing books, most people like to write an article or a summarized content on various websites or pages. This is quite famous among people of all ages due to the availability of content anytime and anywhere.The writing of such content is called Blogging.

Blogging is not only a good source of getting knowledge, but it is also a prominent source to earn money. Many of the people are using Blogging as a profession for making money. In this article, we provide you with some tips that may be useful for anyone to earn money using Blogging. Still, before we reveal some advice, it is quite necessary to provide our readers with a complete definition of the Blog.

How to define a Blog?

A little bit of information about its definition has been revealed in the intro. A blog can be defined as an informal or conversational style written content available on a Website or a webpage.

This content is being updated regularly by the Blogger or a small group of Bloggers. Usually, blogs are typically displayed in date wise descending order so that the most recent post appears first at the top of the web page.

Steps to Start a Blog:

Here are some of the essential steps you must have to take before starting a blog:

1.Selection of a Topic for Blog

This is the most critical and 1st step to start a blog. The Topic should be from those who are quite attractive to the users or viral during current days. This will surely increase the numbers of readers &resultantly; your blog can become a top trend on various social media sites. Hence a Blogger should be conscientious about selecting a topic for a blog.

The topic must be unique and interesting while it should contain keywords that you have selected. The topic should be enough be explain your whole content because on search engine most of the people estimate the content to read through the title. And if they find it incompatible to the query then they might not read your article.

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2.Research Your Topic

 Before starting a Blog, the Blogger must need to carry out a study on the selected Topic. This study not only reveals an idea to him or her based on which he or she may sketch their Blog in their minds. The Topic research will provide the matter which can easily be changed or rephrased using various rewriting tools.

There are different ways of researching about a specific topic like through the suggestions and frequently asked questions to get some additional information about the topic.

3.Use of an Eye Catcher heading

The third step for writing a blog is the use of an eye-catcher heading. The heading of the article or Blog should be of the nature that compels the reader to read the whole article. This is based on the perception that the first impression is the last.

If the Blogger is capable enough to make a heading on his own, then it’sgood.However, if he or she cannot do so, then the use ofPrepostseo rewriting tool can be quite helpful. A Blogger can easily take a heading from an already written blog or article and paraphrase it using online rewriting tools such as EZ rewriter, PrepostSEO, or

Rewriting Tools may change the heading by using the synonyms of the words already available in the heading that need to be paraphrased.



4.Structure of a Blog

Usually, a blog can be divided into three parts, which are mentioned below:

  1. Intro:In this part, the Blogger needs to write an overview of the selected Topic.
  2. Body:This is the core area where a Blogger may need to write characteristics, types, history of the thing which has been chosen as a topic with comprehensive details. Usually, this part of the blog is the longest among all the three parts.
  3. Conclusion:This part is the end of a blog in which a Blogger needs to write the outcome derived from the above detail of the Topic mentioned in the body of the blog. It should not be very long; it usually should end up within 4 or 5 lines or 120 to 150 words.
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This structure can be observed easily in the blogs of professional Bloggers. There is no need to get it changed until you have a strong reason to change it.


5.Use of standard Language

This is the key to attract readers towards your blog as straightforward the language is used the more the number of readers would read it. Generally, readers don’t like the content having difficult words that are not commonly used in our daily lives. Try to keep the blog as simple as you can.

6.Use of Keywords

Before using the Keywords in your blog, you must know what does the keyword means?

‘’Keywords are those words that common people use to search a blog or content on the Web.’’ 

The use of the keyword is quite vital for any blog. The use of keywords inevitably increases the SEO ranking of the content. If your blog got high SEO ranking, it would appear on the top of the list while anybody searches it through a search engine.


7.Plagiarism Free Content

If someone stoles the content of other authors or Bloggers from their book or blog, then taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is called plagiarism.

 Most people think that Blogging is just the name of copy-pasting of someone’s thoughts or theories, but it is not more than a misconception. The Blogger must ensure that the Blog he or she may go to post on the Web must be free from plagiarism.

Otherwise, the Blogger may face severe consequences due to copyright issues. It’s also against the norms of Blogging & writing. There are a number of plagiarism checkers available on the internet and an authentic online plagiarism checker can be used in this regard.



Paragraphing of the content makes the Blog attractive, but it will become more impactful if we use paragraphs in the right places. To emphasize your thoughts, try to make your Blog shorter and impressive by using paragraphs.

Paraphrasing replaces the simple words into effective ones. Paraphrasing tools that are easily available online use its database to replace the word by its synonym that is most suitable and relevant.

Paraphrasing is mostly used to convert the low readability content into optimized readability one, to remove the plagiarized sentences in your content while it is also used to write someone’s idea in new words.

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9.Maintain Quality Instead of Quantity

Whatever you may write, it’s unnecessary that you may also post it on Web because in the Blogging interest of the reader is shat every Blogger wants to have. The Blogger must be very conscious while posting any blog& try there level best to maintain the quality of the content. 

Once the condition of Blog decreases, you will lose the interest of the reader. Once it happens, you may need to make too many efforts to get it back. Try to write blog with complete research & using simple language free from spelling & grammatical mistakes.


To correlate an article or blog with another is called interlinking. It’s essential to increase the traffic of users on your blog post. Various Bloggers use this strategy on various social media sites to improve the SEO ranking of their blog due to large numbers of readers.

On the increase of your SEO ranking, many advertising companies may contact you to embed various links and their ads on your blog or webpage. They shall pay you handsome money for it; thus, Blogging may become a vital source of income for a Blogger.



Blog has a great scope especially in the modern digital world. Most of the brands use their website to rank on the search engine through the blog page. Blog is one of the best ways to communicate with the audience. You can share the reviews, information, experience, or history through your blog.

If the blog is highly optimized by thSe SEO factors then its easy to get the top position in the search engine result page.

The above steps are best to start and run the blog successfully. If you are successful to create a blog and run it according to the guidelines by the search engine then you would create a handsome revenue through different sources.

Many people are concerned with the business of blog because they generate enough revenue out of it

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