Is Drip (email marketing automation tool) too expensive or not the right tool for you? Then, keep reading to find out the best Drip alternatives!

But, what should you look for when investing in an email marketing automation tool?

  • Easy to create email campaigns & sequences
  • High deliverability
  • Easy to create and embed sign-up (email capturing) forms
  • Subscribers segmentation
  • Features like A/B Testing, Reports and Analytics
  • If it fits your budget and provides ROI (Return on Investment)

Thus, below you’ll read about tools that accomplish the above-mentioned criteria.

Note that Drip is a high-quality email marketing automation tool. This way, the tools mentioned below are not just the best Drip alternatives but also among the best email marketing tools.

The 6 best alternatives to Drip

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The Best Alternatives to Drip

1. MailerLite Review

drip alternatives mailerlite

If you want to migrate from Drip mainly due to its cost, look no further than MailerLite.

MailerLite’s interface is as simple as possible to make it friendly for beginners.

This doesn’t mean that the tool is not good for advanced users.

It provides all the essential features you’ll need as a content creator.

You can use MailerLite to create simple text-based email campaigns or even use premade templates with images or videos.

This tool’s deliverability is among the highest on the market.

Subscribers segmentation and Sign-up forms

In addition, it makes it easy to create and place on your website email sign-up forms. You can create many sign-ups forms with different lead magnets and segment your subscribers depending on which form they signed-up.

You can further segment your subscribers based on their location, the date they subscribed or a link/action they clicked.

A/B Testing, Reporting & Analytics

MailerLite does an excellent job on A/B Testing. It lets you A/B test your emails on 3 different points:

  • Email Subject/Title
  • Sender’s name
  • Content of the email

Surprisingly, many other popular email marketing tools don’t have these features as they let you test only the subject of the email.

After you create two different versions to test, MailerLite will forward the “version A” to a percentage of your subscribers (e.g. 15%) and the “version B” to the other 15%.

After a few hours, it will send the most successful version to the rest of your subscribers!

MailerLite doesn’t fall behind on reporting or analytics though. It provides you with everything you need to know:

  • Who/How many opened your email
  • How many clicked on your links and what links they clicked
  • Who unsubscribed
  • Hard and soft bounce percentage


MailerLite is a modern email marketing automation tool that is free up to 1,000 subscribers!

This is super helpful for new email marketers that still don’t have a large email list to make money from.

If you surpass this amount, the pricing is still the cheapest on the market.


If you’re a new blogger, website owner or online marketer and you don’t have a big email list, then you should probably stay with MailerLite before you hit at least 1,000 subscribers.

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It may take you more than a year to reach his amount. Why wasting money on other tools if you can’t enjoy a decent ROI yet?

MailerLite Verdict

MailerLite is a budget friendly tool this provides all the essential tools and it’s ideal for:

  • New bloggers, website owners and online marketers
  • Marketers that don’t have a big email list yet
  • Users that don’t have previous experience using an email marketing tool
  • Advanced webmasters that don’t have too many products and lead-magnets to promote

MailerLite may not be ideal for:

  • Webmasters that have many different lead magnets and products to promote
  • Users that need advanced subscribers segmentation

2. ConvertKit Review

the best alternatives for Drip

There’s no doubt ConvertKit is one of the most popular and favorite email automation tool for content creators.

It offers premade templates for email sequences depending on the product you want to promote, easy segmentation and easy to create email campaigns.

It makes creating email campaigns a fun experience!

Subscribers segmentation and Sign-up forms

ConvertKit uses the best subscribers’ segmentation method. You can add a ”tag” on every subscriber based on anything like:

  • The form they signed up
  • A link they clicked
  • Date they subscribed
  • An action they took

The best part is that you can combine two or more tags to create “Segments”.

For example, you can tag subscribers as “Europeans” and as “Travelers”. Then, you can combine these tags to create a “European Holiday” segment!

Of course, ConvertKit provides sign-up forms that are easy to create and place them on your website.

A/B Testing, Reporting & Analytics

Although ConvertKit does a good job providing all the reports and analytics you’ll need, it falls slightly behind on A/B Testing.

It only lets you test the subject (title) of your emails and not the sender’s name or the content of the email.

Their A/B Testing system works exactly as MailerLite’s (described above). It tests the two different versions of an email and then it forwards the most successful version to the majority of your email list.


ConvertKit is not the cheapest tool on the market but neither the most expensive one. It starts at:

Note that ConvertKit also offers a free plan up to 1,000 subs, but it lacks essential features like email automated sequences.

It’s helpful to see for free if you like the tool though.

ConvertKit Verdict

It’s an awesome tool (if not the best) for bloggers and content creators. Pricing is the only reason that many don’t use it!

It’s probably the best alternative to Drip, but their pricing is almost equal.

ConvertKit is ideal for:

  • Content creators that have multiple products/funnels to promote
  • Users that need advanced segmentation
  • Users that focus on creating fast and easy email campaigns
  • Beginner email marketers

ConvertKit is not ideal for

  • New webmasters with a small email list
  • Those who need advanced A/B testing

But how ConvertKit compares to MailerLite?

Read our “MailerLite vs ConvertKit” Review Comparison to find out!

3. MailChimp Review

is mailchimp the best drip alternative?

To be honest, MailChimp is unlikely that will satisfy you if you look for an advanced tool like Drip.

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Although MailChimp is not the best Drip alternative, it’s still a decent tool. The pricing the strongest point of MailChimp and the reason why it’s so popular.

On its free plan, MailChimp is a simple tool to cover your basic email marketing needs.

However, it doesn’t shine on any category. It offers a free plan up to 2,000 subscribers so it’s worth a spot on this list.

Subscribers segmentation and Sign-up forms

MailChimp offers basic segmentation options for the free, essential ($10/month) and standard plan ($15).

To get access to advanced segmentation options you’ll need to purchase the enterprise plan which is super expensive ($299/month). You can find much better alternatives with this price-tag though.

Basic Sign-up forms are available even of the free plan.

A/B Testing, Reporting & Analytics

You can’t use A/B testing if you’re on the free plan. It is for paid users only.

Considering its low price, MailChimp does a decent job of reporting and analytics. Don’t expect anything fancy though.


MailChimp offers the following plans:

  • Free up to 2,000 subscribers
  • $10/month up to 50,000 subscribers
  • $15/month up to 100,000 subscribers
  • $299/month up to 200,000 subscribers and access to advanced features

Obviously, Mailchimp is popular due to its low pricing. You won’t find anywhere else plan like $15 for 100k subs.

However, if you’re looking for advanced features you may want to pass on MailChimp. There are better alternatives for huge email lists or advances features.

MailChimp Verdict

If you’re looking for an email marketing tool to cover your basic needs without spending money, MailChimp is the right tool for you.

MailChimp is ideal for:

  • New marketers that want to experiment with email marketing without spending money
  • Beginner bloggers and website owners
  • Those who love all-in-one platforms. MailChimp recently launched some new products like web-hosting and domain names
  • Content creators that don’t need advanced email marketing features

MailChimp is not ideal for:

  • Marketers that need advanced features like segmentation
  • Those who seek as high deliverability as possible
  • Marketers that need advances reporting and analytics

4. ConstantContact Review

contant contact review

Constant contact plans start at $20/month (standard) and $45/month (premium). Then, the price increases depending on the number of your subscribers.

The strong point of ConstactContact is some innovations like Social Media integrations and its elegant user interface.

Overall, it’s a decent email marketing tools for content creators and users that focus on Social Media and relevant events.


ConstantContact pricing is decent if you don’t have too many contacts. However, the price increases too much if you have a large email list.

Also, ConstantContact offers a 30-day free plan so you can test the product.

ConstantContact verdict

It’s a good all-around email marketing tool with some cool innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

  ConstantContact is ideal for:

  • Users that can utilize its unique features like Social Media integrations
  • Content creators with small or medium-sized email lists

ConstantContact is not ideal for:

  • Marketers with large email lists because the price can get too high
  • Users that need advanced segmentation for promoting multiple products
  • Those who seek a very cheap solution for email marketing

5. GetResponse Review

getresponse decent drip alternatives

Is GetResponse the best alternative to Drip?

It can be, depending on your needs. The sure thing is, it deserves to be on the list with the best Drip alternatives.

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GetResponse is for those who want something more than an email marketing automation tools.

It offers some unique features like Hosting webinars and building sales funnels and webinar funnels.


The pricing starts from $15/month for up to 1,000 subscribers. GetResponse offers 4 different plans:

  • Basic starts from $15/month
  • Plus starts from $49/month
  • Professional starts from $99/month
  • Max custom pricing/get a quote

The basic plan is for those who want to use GetResponse as a classic email marketing tool. The other plans may seem expensive, but the pricing is reasonable because you’d spend that money on software for webinars or building funnels anyway.

GetResponse Verdict

GetResponse is a flexible tool with a variety of plans depending on your needs. It’s not a bad tool for beginners.

But its advanced features make this tool worth purchasing

GetResponse is ideal for:

  • Marketers that focus on organizing webinars through their email lists
  • Those who want to build unlimited sales funnels under one tool
  • Marketers that host paid Paid webinars

GetResponse is not ideal for:

  • Entry level bloggers or content creators
  • Users without experience with email marketing tools

6. ActiveCampaign

active campiagn the best drip alternative for businesses

ActiveCampaign is not the cheapest tool on the list, but it can be a decent Drip alternative.

It offers high deliverability, free migration from other software, good reporting and easy to use automated campaigns.

On the other hand, it’s not a dead-simple tool to use if it’s your first time using an email marketing tool.


ActiveCampaign’s plans:

  • $15/month – 500 subscribers
  • $29/month – 1000 subscribers
  • $49/month – 2,500 subscribers
  • $89/month – 5,000 subscribers

The pricing is not cheap, but it comes with a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and an integrated marketing and sales platform.

They offer a 14-days free trial which is not enough to test if the tool is right for you.

ActiveCampaign Verdict

ActiveCampaign is built for businesses that need a complete solution and a powerful marketing tool. Features like adding notes to your contacts make it useful for team projects and team communication.

ActiveCampaign is ideal for:

  • Businesses that need a more advanced tool than a simple email marketing tool
  • Those who focus on high deliverability
  • Businesses that use an email list to support and communicate with their customers

ActiveCampaign is not ideal for:

  • Solo bloggers or solo marketers
  • Beginner email marketers
  • Those who focus on simplicity

What are the best Drip Alternatives?

The best Drip alternatives are:

  1. MailerLite: a decent all-around email marketing tool that is budget friendly
  2. ConvertKit: for content creators that promote multiple lead magnets and products
  3. MailChimp: for those who want to use an email marketing tool almost for free
  4. ConstantContact: for users that focus on Social Media and other integrations to grow their email lists
  5. GetResponse: for users that want a sales funnel and webinar funnel building tool
  6. ActiveCampaign: for businesses that focus on team communication and specialized customer support

If you need to start your email list as soon as possible but you still can’t decide among the best Drip alternatives, I suggest you start with MailerLite because it’s cheap and a decent all-around tool!

Do you agree with this Drip alternatives?

If you don’t or you have any other questions, let me know in the comment section!


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