The Best Bloggers & Freelancers to Outsource Your Blogging Needs

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If you’re a blogger or a website owner and you’re looking to increase your income, you can’t do everything on your own.

Blogging and maintaining a website requires a lot of time-consuming micro-tasks.

This way, as your blog grows, it’s worth investing some money to outsource your blogging tasks instead of doing everything on your own.

Bloggers or website owners who try hard to do everything themselves (it’s called the superhero syndrome) usually don’t make more than $500/month from their sites.

And who is better to hire other than a real blogger that works every day on his/her blog?

Yes you can find many cheap freelancers on the web, but the majority of them don’t maintain their own websites, they just sell their services.

However, the bloggers/freelancers I mention below have experience in maintaining a website and know exactly what a blog needs:

  • High-quality articles
  • Converting readers to subscribers or buyers
  • Engaging posts that attract shares, comments
  • Encouraging visitors to read more pages of the blog
  • Promoting affiliate links, own products or sponsored offers successfully
  • Creating stunning graphics for the blog and Social Media channels
  • Expertise on specific niches

With a few words, all these details that make successful bloggers stand out that you can’t find from hiring generalists random freelancers.

In order to help both my bloggers/freelancers readers and those website owners that look to outsource some blogging tasks, I decided to create a list with the best bloggers/freelancers to hire based on each niche!

Further, you can contact these content creators to sponsor your products or page!

The Best Bloggers & Freelancers to Outsource Your Blogging Tasks or Offer Sponsorships

Amarachi Catherine

Services: I offer blog and article writing, sales copywriting, web content writing, press releases, web page information, product descriptions, and other corporate materials, I also do social media management and marketing.

Niche: content writing for all industries

Bio:  I am a freelance writer for small businesses in a miscellaneous group of industries like health and wellness, finance, SaaS, e-commerce, and outdoor recreation. I create blog posts, social media calendars, email drip campaigns, media kits, and more. I help businesses attract more leads by building eye-catching content using conversational copy, colorful imagery, and thoughtful curation.

But enough about me…

I want to hear your story! Are you struggling with content marketing? Is your most recent blog post from 2017? Do you loathe social media? Do you need new brochures and designs for your store?

Rates: I charge $20 for an ebook of 1000 words; children’s storybook, recipe books, $250 for 10000 words, and $250 for social media management for either facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or Pinterest. I charge $50 for a sales copy, I charge $5 per product review, and finally, I charge between $100 to $200 for blog posts and articles.

Portfolio: You can see links to previous works herehere and here



best freelancers for hireServices: Graphic Design and Social Media Management

Niche: Branding, Content Creation and Video Editing

Bio: I am a Brand Graphic Designer and a Social Media Manager. I help curate brand’s digital presence.

Content is as important to me as its’ graphics since it helps in boosting engagement and growth.
Rates: Contact me for pricing inquiries

Ekta Swarnkar

Services: Blog Post Writing, Ghost Writing, and Graphic Design (any type)

Niche: I prefer to write on blogging tips and online business

Bio: Hi, I’m Ekta. I am a blogger, Book Reviewer, Content Writer and a Pinterest Strategist. I have been blogging for 3 years and writing for other bloggers for 4 years. I think I can be the one you are looking for. Check out my recent articles to get an idea. My website is

Rates: $50 for a 2000 word article



Kuntala Banerjee

Services: freelance content writing services on Travel, Food, Traditions, Customs, Health and Remote working

Niche: Travel, Food, Traditions, Customs, Health and Remote working

Bio: I am an IT consultant working in a sales roles in a reputed software firm and freelance content writer and blogger. Has a special fascination to travel to various interesting destinations and pen down experiences. Loves to research on trending topics on Travel, Food and Remote life. I can work on my niche topics and provide a well-curated article. I love engaging the readers and float their minds into the core of the subject.

Rates: Rates are negotiable

Portfolio: You can check my articles at or


Akin Chaktty

Services: I help businesses with their content marketing – Guest and sponsored posts, and content writing

Niche: I’m vast in the tech, business, health, and pet niches

Bio: I’m a digital marketer and prides me on not just being able to get the words out about brands and businesses to their targeted audience but also being able to speak to the minds of the audience.

Rates: For my rates, the partner can shoot me an email at

Portfolio: You can check some of my works on,


Keara Douglas

Services: Graphic Design, Sponsored Posts, Commissioned Paintings and Affiliate Marketing

Niches: Art/Creativity, Natural Hair/Beauty/Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Mommy/Parenting, Coaching/Courses/Blogging

Bio:  Delux Designs (DE), LLC is a remote, freelance design service that was founded and created on December 21, 2010 by self-taught visual artist Keara Douglas in South Carolina. We offer a variety of different design services including graphic designs, custom paintings, and even some unique wood crafts. Operating remotely is one of the unique perks of our services as we have produced artwork for clients in a variety of different states around the United States. We are open to receiving orders 24 hours, 7 days a week, and painting commissions services are always available.

Rates: Contact me for more information


Contact:  Email:

Instagram: or 

Deepti Gupta

Services: Vast experience in Copywriting services, article and blog writing, brochure content, product descriptions. Ready to provide engaging content for social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts with some guidance

Niches: Parenting and relationships, Health, Home remedies and fitness, Travel content, Loan and other finance products, Home and outdoor services, Education, Fashion, self-improvement, other non- technical niches.

However, I can also provide well-researched and informative content on niches other than above except adult content.

Bio– Your website/ blog needs an innovative and unique content that can fulfil your goals. Are you looking for the right content creator who can help you out?

Your quest for high-quality content solutions provider ends here.We will provide you unique, keyword optimized, engaging and innovative content that is best suited for your website. We value our clients and that’s why, endeavor to fill the gap between the clients and their goals. Therefore, rely on us for content planning and development of your website.





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