So you’re hearing from other bloggers that they get tons of traffic from Pinterest but you’re still can’t drive enough traffic from the platform…

As a result, you’re thinking to invest into a good online Pinterest course to guide you step-by-step and give Pinterest another chance.

I was in the exact same spot, so I started researching some paid and free Pinterest courses online to get some guidance.

The truth is, the majority of good Pinterest courses are too expensive ($200-$400). They’re not bad courses, but they teach things that I already knew.

However, I discovered a much better deal:  an SEO, Blogging, Income-generating content and Pinterest class all in one course and only for $79!

pinterest courses

Yes, that’s a really low price for all of these!

I want Traffic & profit!

But most importantly, I loved this course because it teaches specific strategies to dramatically increase your pageviews, generate income, and even convert subscribers!

If you’re just looking for some beautiful, eye-catching ready-made templates to increase your Pinterest Traffic, look no further than this offer: 100+ Feminine Pinterest Templates only for $47!

Ready made Templates for Pinterest

Creating Pins is time-consuming. You can use these templates that are proven to drive impressions & clicks. You can slightly modify them to use them again and again!

But, why Feminine? No matter what your niche is, the 80% of Pinterest users are women. They’re attracted more to feminine templates!

Grab Them Now!


The Best Pinterest Courses for Business & Bloggers

The course is called “Ready Set Blog for Traffic” and it’s written by Elna Cain who successfully maintains and earns money from her blogs.

Best Pinterest course for bloggers

This online course is a mix of text-based and videos and contains:

  • The foundational elements you need to drive traffic to your blog
  • SEO strategy for long-term traffic
  • Pinterest Growth and Strategies for immediate traffic in (it’s updated)
  • How to Create Content that generates real income

If you’re not new on the blogging industry, you’ll already know that these four sections are usually sold separately for large amounts of dollars.

best pinterest courses

However, Elna did us a favor and offers all of these chapters under one cheap course!

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You can use it even to skyrocket your pageviews/sessions above 25,000 to join Mediavine, one of the best ad networks for bloggers!

You can read a more detailed review of “Ready Set Blog for Traffic” here.

More analytically the course includes:

free pinterest course

Pinterest Traffic

best pinterest course for traffic

Best Pinterset course for bloggers business

I want Traffic & profit!

Of course, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if this course doesn’t work for you.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in a shorter and cheaper course that is specific Pinterest-related, I suggest you try “Pinterest Perfection Masterclass”.

best pinterest marketing course

The reason I’m recommending this course is that it contains a 75-minute video that guides you through everything you need to know to drive tons of consistent traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

It’s easy-to-understand and you can finish it and start implementing the strategy in 1-2 days!

Further, it provides your “Pin Promote Planners”, cheatsheets that guide you on how to use Pinterest day-by-day ( weekly, monthly and yearly plan)!

The best part is that it costs only $19!

No matter if you’re a business trying to grow its Pinterest Presence and product sales or a solo-Blogger that tries to increase his/her traffic and generate real income from his/her blog, these two courses will get you there!

As a result, it’s by far the best value-for-money Pinterest course on the web, compared to other popular Pinterest courses that cost $200-$400!

Investing just $19 for learning Pinterest and driving more traffic to your blog it’s a worthy and affordable purchase even for brand new bloggers.

If you still can’t afford that, I have you covered!

Free Pinterest Courses

You can change how Pinterest works for you if you follow my “Best Pinterest Strategy” for Bloggers” or “How to make your Pins go Viral”.

Also, check my “Free Traffic Strategies for Bloggers” to learn my best strategies for driving traffic across all sources:

  • Organic Traffic – Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging Threads
  • Blogging/Traffic Networks

There, I described how I increased my Pin Clicks by 5x times (500%) using a mix from my methods and the above-mentioned courses.

Of course, these pages might not be so detailed or step-by-step compared to the courses but they’re free and teach you a solid Pinterest Strategy!

Why Buy These Courses

These coursed are made for businesses and bloggers who try to:

  • Increase their traffic
  • Create income-generating content
  • Learn how to drive traffic to their blogs/websites
  • Gain Email Subscribers
  • Boost their affiliate or own products sales

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But why should you buy the courses, isn’t there enough online info for using Pinterest?

The truth is, Pinterest seems easy-to-use at first, but it hides many secrets. That’s why the majority of new Bloggers/Pinterest users fail to drive traffic from the platform.

best pinterest marketing course

As you dive deeper into it, you discover many confusing parts and you’re uncertain how to proceed. For example:

  • What keywords you should use
  • Where to implement these keywords
  • How many times you should Pin a day
  • How often you should create fresh Pins
  • Manual Pinning or Scheduled Pins?
  • Is Tailwind necessary?
  • Do your followers matter and how to get new real and relevant followers on Pinterest?
  • How to appear organically on Pinterest?
  • Should you focus on Pinning to personal or Group boards?
  • Are Group boards still relevant in or do they hurt your profile?
  • Should you create new Group boards yourself?
  • How to spot and accepted in high-quality relevant Group boards

I want Traffic & profit!

By investing in a course, you save a lot of time (months or even years) of researching and applying the “trial and error” method.

Also, by following a course’s step you’re sure you’re walking the right way instead of doubting every step you take.

Remember that Pinterest is a visual Search engine and not another Social Media Platform. This way, the main goal is to appear on Pinterest organically when a user searches for something relevant to your blog topic.

My personal thoughts about these courses are: I buy the course:

  1. I spend money to buy the course
  2. I learn how to drive traffic and generate income from my blog much faster than I’d do on my own.
  3. I’m able to generate much more income than I initially spent (and cover course’s expenses) and I can do that for the long-term.
  4. Profit? Profit!

The main point is: if you really want to make blogging your main job, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and learning the job.

Anyway, you can trust an online course if there’s a money-back guarantee.

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I mean you can’t really lose: either you learn how to successfully drive traffic and generate income or you get your money back!

If you want to get some high-quality blogging resources for free, check out this post with free resources for bloggers: The Best Blogging Freebies for New Bloggers

The Best Pinterest Marketing Courses for Bloggers

Now you have the answer on how to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog and increase your income!

If you’re ready to buy an effective Pinterest Marketing course, look no further than the above-mentioned game-changing courses!

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can drive traffic to your blog:

  1. Instantly when users find your Pins through their feeds (home, new, followers’ feed, etc)
  2. Long-term, when users discover your Pins organically when they type a search relevant to your Pins.

However, some popular niches are very competitive and these courses are your best weapons to beat that competition appear above them on the platform!

I want Traffic & profit!

What are the best Pinterest courses for bloggers?

Ready Set Blog for Traffic
Pinterest Perfection Masterclass

Are Pinterest courses worth it?

Well, this obviously depends on the price and the value provided. The truth is, many Pinterest courses are overpriced and not recommended for entry-level bloggers. However, the courses I recommend above not only are cheap and the best value-for-money but they also teach you how to generate blog traffic and income with other ways other than Pinterest.

How to get traffic from Pinterest fast?

Although Pinterest can boost your traffic very fast, you should aim to make the platform drive you consistent traffic on a daily basis. The platform has many secrets, so I suggest you to check the points above to find out!

How to get organic traffic from Pinterest?

1) Use keywords on pins, boards & descriptions
2) Use high-quality images for your pins
3) Publish fresh content consistently
4) Pin high-quality Pins from the suggested Pins

How to optimize my blog for Pinterest?

1. Use Social Media share plugins that include Pinterest.
2. Include a Pin-friendly image on your posts (2:3 ration, minimum 600x900px)
3. Apply for a Pinterest business account and rich pins

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