Guest Post by John Butrick

When a new online entrepreneur is getting started, they explore various business options with various business monetizations.

You can start a YouTube channel and make money with ads, you can start an e-commerce store, you can start a digital marketing agency, etc.

But above all, you can start an affiliate marketing business. And this is the best option if you have no skills or education to fall back on. You get paid to sell winning products.

So, what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of placing custom links to various products and receiving a commission when somebody purchases a product using your custom link.

Affiliate Marketing is the ability to sell products, but you do not have to make or distribute them. This is why it is best for newbies because you can just review products and get paid a commission for them.

You get your followers to click on the products you promote, and they purchase them you get paid, but what about expensive items. Well it is usually best to provide a free service or low impact guide to ‘warm’ your reader up when they learn about how your product can help them.

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This is easily done if you are familiar with the product. A newbie affiliate marketer can just be familiar with products.

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Other online business ideas

  • Digital Products—selling online courses or various books and pdf files. Need the knowledge to build products for your clients. The barrier to entry is tough to get through as a newbie, you will need market research as well as an audience to get legitimate money.
  • Freelancing—Selling various skills for a charge, need knowledge to present to clients. The barrier to entry is a bit easier than Digital Products. Need to find clients by hustling.
  • Ads and Sponsorships—The ability to present advertisements to viewers of your content, low barrier of entry but looks unprofessional and drives your clients to other businesses. Low commissions. Sponsorships are good for those with targeted audiences and pay well. Require active work.
  • Ecommerce—selling products in an online store, using cart feature. Low barrier to entry but requires inventory or wholesaler. Not a bad choice for newbies.
  • Digital marketing—The business of presenting products and content online and building marketing efforts. Hard to break into for beginners.
  • Virtual assistant—the business of doing remote tasks for business owners and executives. Great for beginners. Requires clients by hustling


Why newbies should choose Affiliate Marketing

Being that Affiliate marketing is a low barrier to entry with it is also a great choice for beginners. Reviewing products, you always use, and love can be a great way to support the companies you purchase from and get paid to do it.

Being that Affiliate marketing is the best to get into as a newbie online money savant, you’ll be sure to enjoy an easier barrier to entry and low threshold for gathering clients.

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The funnel process is simple with this business choice as well, its all a matter of following a business flowchart.

Why affiliate marketing is the best online business for begginers & newbies? Click to learn the best affiliate marketing tips & strategies to make money as soon as possible!

Steps you will take as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Identify a market you can become an expert in
  2. Find their pain points and problems
  3. Design free content that helps those problems
  4. Link next steps or the ultimate help to their problems in your affiliate product.

It’s really that simple.

Finance bloggers affiliate with investing and budgeting software to help their readers achieve better financial success.

Business bloggers affiliate with web hosting and SaaS products that help their readers achieve better work from home business results.

Digital Marketing affiliates will partner with social media courses and scheduling software to help aid their students in the growth of their accounts.

How do I start Affiliate marketing?

I have narrowed this down to 4 simple and easy steps.

  1. Start a blog, website, or social media account. This can be an Instagram account or a full blog. You can get started with your blog using this guide. {link to Goldenbloggerz start a blog guide}
  2. Choose your niche market- a few examples of this include Personal Finance; budgeting, savings, investing, etc. or it could be dogs, food, photography or even gaming. Choose what you like also what people are searching for.
  3. Search for products your viewers can use to fix their problems. Be sure to part this with your audience demographic. If you have mostly personal finance-based readers who are older demographic linking them to a new app only budgeting system might not pair well.
  4. Create free content around your product and around your audience’s needs. This gives your audience that, ‘how did they know I could use this? This is everything I have been looking for’ I had this epiphany when I was searching for a product to help me get started blogging and found a course that ran me through the exact process.

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Tie it all together

Getting your online business started is all about finding how you can get your business resources and getting started. Once you gather these resources you are set to make a fortune in online affiliate marketing. Creating reviews and tutorials for these products that can help peoples problems is the best way to gain trust and find a easy, profitable, lucrative and rewarding online business for a newbie online money guru.

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