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Write for us Guest post

Thank you for your interest to submit a guest post on GoldenBloggerz.com! Please read the guidelines in order to become a contributor to our blog!

Golden Bloggerz is about anyone who is looking to start making money online or improve their online businesses through Blogging, Freelancing or Digital Marketing.

Below are the categories we would love to write for us – submit a guest post:

  • Blogging tips (anything that revolves around it)
  • Monetization methods and strategies
  • Social Media
  • Freelancing (writing, virtual assisting etc)
  • Digital/Online Marketing
  • Any 100% legit way to make money online (don’t even think to promote pyramid or fraud schemes)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Production/Marketing
  • Time Management/Productivity
  • Saving Money
  • Affiliate Marketing tips

We also accept any post idea that might be useful for bloggers, solopreneurs, marketers & freelancers.

However, the most efficient way to bring your product in front of your ideal audience is directly advertising on GoldenBloggerz!

In order to get accepted, your post should be:

  • At least 800 words, but we encourage you to write even more
  • High-quality
  • Include images when needed (stock photos that you have the legal rights to use them)
  • Include actionable tips that our readers can follow
  • Links to credible sources to backup your claims
  • Affiliate links are allowed only on your Author bio, NOT in the post. Also, your post shouldn’t encourage or be centered around those links. This is mandatory so we can maintain high-quality articles that are actually helpful.
  • The content should be unique (we check it for plagiarism). This means that you shouldn’t post it somewhere else or copy an existing post (no matter if it’s yours or not)

If you don’t meet the above criteria, please do not message me as I receive many submissions daily that I have to reject.

Instead, consider a sponsored post or read the blog’s adverting options.

What do you get for guest posting on Golden Bloggerz?

  • An author bio to promote yourself, your website, your social media profiles and your products
  • A backlink to your site
  • A new audience/new followers for your business
  • Free promotion on our Social Media accounts (we mainly focus on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter)
  • Potential traffic to your website/blog
  • An excellent community to receive support, network & connect with other bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers & freelancers
  • Increase your authority & online presence (especially if you’re a new blogger or writer)
  • We’ll have you featured on our contributors’ page if you submit 2 or more posts that get published

Note that all contributor (plus us) promote & share their posts to their Social Media accounts. This way, the potential traffic and new following you can get is huge.

Submit a Guest Post

If you’re interested, send me an email to

How to get more views on your post:

The tips below aren’t mandatory, but we strongly encourage you to follow them for better results:

  • “How to” or “Lists” posts
  • SEO-keyword optimization. Using longtail keywords and low-competition keywords increases the chance of your post appearing in the first page of Google!
  • Sourcing/editing quality and relevant images
  • The higher and more researched your article will be the more exposure it will get!

How to submit a post – become a contributor:

  1. Not all ideas will be published, so sent me an email to or use the “Contact me” page. Describe your idea with a few words, your headline and your points you want to include.
  2. I’ll probably respond within the same day to let you know if you should proceed writing the post
  3. When you have it ready, notify me & I’ll send your log-in details so you can upload it to WP back-end or send the post to the email above. I’ll make the final proofreading. Then, I’ll publish it as soon as possible.
  4. I’ll let you know via email when your post is live, so you can share it on your Social Media profiles.

Now you have an excellent place to share your advice, inspiration & tips with a brand new audience!

Why don’t you grab the opportunity? 🙂

Chris K.