Do you dream of making a more than a full-time income working from wherever you want and whenever you want?

Do you desire to work fewer hours while making more money?

Then, you’re lucky you found this blog!

My goal is to guide you step by step in order to create an online platform that generates enough passive income so you can live the lifestyle you want and spend more time for yourself or with your beloved ones!

Here you can learn easy and simple strategies to:

It isn’t required any technical skill or knowledge! It needs only some of your daily time and effort.

Why should I bother creating a blog/site?

Building your own platform nowadays is a really powerful method to make an income, no matter what your financial situation is as it requires only a small investment and the earning potential is huge.

To better understand this, think for a minute how many people pay so much money and they commit so many years of their life in order to study to qualify for a job.

Building an online platform and start earning your first dollars requires only a few months and a small investment. Also, once you successfully build your blog, you’ll probably work fewer hours than a regular job and at the same time, you’ll be earning more money!

Who Am I and Why Should You Trust Me?

Well, I’m Chris Kosto, a freelance writer and a blogger. I entered the online industry 3 years ago when I abandoned my Merchant Navy Officer career.

My salary as a Navy Officer was pretty high but I didn’t really like the job. This way, I decided to make my dream come true and obtain financial, location and time freedom! And I’m so glad I managed to make it come true!

I started working as a freelance writer being a total beginner. As I was getting better, I managed to write frequently for multiple blogs (mostly ghostwriting for Financial, News, Gaming, Cryptocurrency and Online Marketing Blogs/sites).

After spending countless hours reading hundreds of professional bloggers/online marketers’ articles, watching their videos and enrolling to some courses, I started to research and test everything you’ll read here to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

I’m here to share the most valuable information as simply and to-the-point as I can. And of course, completely for free!

The best advice I can give you is: Stop reading theories and start taking action! It’s the only way to success! Theories won’t lead you anywhere, your actions will!

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