Make Money ($30-60/hour) to Surf the Internet & Tell Your Opinion

Earn Money by Surfing Websites

Wouldn’t be awesome if there was a way to generate quickly some dollars to cover your site’s expenses, invest to it or simply to buy that pair of shoes you can’t forget about?

Bingo! You’ve landed on the perfect spot!

“Surf websites & earn money”? Hmm… I know you’re already skeptical about this statement. I was too when I first read it. It sounds too easy to make money ($30-60/hour) to surf the Internet & tell your opinion.

So, let me convince you in the next sentence:

I do NOT earn anything from recommending you these sites! This way, why would I promote these apps if they were harmful & I don’t earn absolute anything from them?

Because they work!

Looking for extra ways to make money online on the side? What about telling your opinion about companies' websites and make extra cash (30$ - 60$/hour)? You shouldn't miss this one, click to find out how! And I'm not talking about online surveys, but a different way I recently discover on how to make extra money from home! It's a 100% legit way to make quick cash as I tested it myself! I don't earn anything by promoting it, no cards or payments required at all! #makemoneyonline

This doesn’t mean that you can get rich by them, but it’s a nice way to generate extra income on the side.

More importantly, it’s an awesome way to cover some of your blog/project expenses or to invest this money to grow it!

The reason I’m writing this post is because I know that many new bloggers (or people that are trying to create a project online) are struggling with some expenses they cannot avoid such as web-hosting, Email automation, schedulers, themes, etc.

The average payment is about $0.50-$1 per one minute of your time. So, for a 20-minute test, you can earn $10-$20 dollars and for a 60-minutes test, you can earn up to $60.

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Make Money Surfing the Web

Note that anyone can do these tests as they don’t require any technical skills or knowledge. They’re not actually tests; all you have to do is to tell your opinion while surfing to their website.

Let me explain with a few words about how this system works:

  1. Huge corporations are searching for testers to give their opinion about the “customer experience” on their websites & applications.
  2. The sites I’m going to refer below act as an immediately between you (the tester) & the companies.
  3. The corporations pay an amount to the sites below for organizing a test & finding a suitable tester. As a result, you receive a good portion of this amount for telling your opinion/experience about their websites.

What exactly do I have to do for taking part in these tests?

You’ll need:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet (there are different tests for each device)
  • A microphone. You can use the integrated mic on your laptop or smartphone. Any low-quality mic will work as well.
  • Basic English speaking & writing skills. However some sites offer tests at your native language too, but the more languages you can speak the more tests you’ll receive

Then, the process is simple:

  • You have to sign up & take a sample test. It takes around 3-5 minutes and it’s easy to pass.
  • You’ll get notified when there’s a test available for you
  • You’re ready to earn money by surfing websites – You follow the tasks you’re given (mostly to describe your experience on your mic while you pretending that you’re shopping online from a site)
  • If the customer approves the test (It’s easy to get approved) you receive your payment through PayPal.

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To get a better idea of what is about, you can watch this short video:

Here’s the List with 9 Sites that Pay You to Tell Your Opinion


I suggest you to start by signing up on this site. UserTesting is the most popular on the list, so it works with more customers. As a result, the chance of finding test opportunities is higher.

surf websites & earn money

As you can see in the image above, they work literally with the biggest companies in the world. This brings all the credibility you may need.

All the following sites are working in a way very similar to UserTesting, so there’s no need to go in detail for each one of them. The process is almost the same for all of them.

2) Userfeel

3) Userlytics

4) TryMyUI

5) Enroll

6) TestingTime


7) Validately

8) What Users Do

9) UserZoom

A few more things to keep into account:

  • The frequency of test is greatly depending on your demographics. Don’t expect to get tons of tests daily, but if you don’t receive any, it’s probably your location or your age.
  • The sample video approval takes about 2-3 days. If you fail, you can try again!
  • Some of the sites will notify you via email when there’s a test for you available, while some others require you to have your browser tab open to increase your chances of receiving a test. Read their guidelines carefully!

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Here You Have It!

Another fast & easy way to generate some extra income from the comfort of your home! Surf websites & earn money is something everyone can do!

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The tests are enough for everyone, so don’t hesitate to share this valuable post with your friends or on your Social Media accounts (share buttons are at the top of the post)!

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